Migrating Legacy On-premise Applications to a Unified Cloud-based Solution

We helped a premier provider of building automation and safety solutions to overcome critical constraints imposed by their legacy on-premises applications and transition to a future-ready, cloud-based ecosystem.

The Legacy System Barriers

Our client’s monolithic, on-premise applications with disjointed databases hindered cross-functional data sharing, impeding operational efficiency and scalability. Managing this disparate ecosystem had become increasingly challenging, necessitating a transformative shift. Some of the critical barriers included:

  • Lack of scalability to accommodate growth
  • Siloed data and inconsistencies across departments
  • High maintenance demands and system failure risks
  • Limited automation hindering agility
  • Mounting operational costs

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Transformative Business Impact

We developed a meticulous migration plan leveraging Azure’s cloud capability. Our solution modernized applications and infrastructure through microservices, cloud databases, automated pipelines, and comprehensive monitoring and data migration. By unifying operations on Azure’s powerful platform, our client achieved:

70% Improved Scalability

55% Operational Efficiency Boost

70% Reduced Licensing Costs

60% Enhanced Data Sharing

Uncover the Future-Proof Strategy

Discover the strategic approach our experts employed to migrate complex legacy systems to a cloud-native architecture, ensuring business continuity while unlocking new possibilities for growth and innovation.