Device Programming Interface

Device Programming Interface (DPI)

Device Programming Interface is a modular and extensible cross-platform. It is a rapid application development framework designed following software best practices. Device Programming Interface is intended to ease the development of industrial engineering applications – be it asset management tool, configuration and diagnostics tool, FDT DTM, FDI UIP or OPC Solution.

With a decade of hands-on industrial expertise and technological knowledge, Utthunga has built the framework, which has ready-to-use modules that comply with industry standards and specifications by FDT, FDI and OPC Foundation.

Utthunga has provided industry-tailored solutions to its customers using DPI framework that resulted in a quick release of their products and added benefit to their business line-up.

DPI Framework Whitepaper

Common framework

DPI maintains the common source base for both desktop and mobile platform. This reduces the maintenance cost and improves lifetime of the product built using DPI framework.

Engineering Solution

DPI addresses the common requirements of end users and comes ready with built-in components like:

  1. Alarm Management
  2. Graphic Controls
  3. Trend Display and Reports
  4. Offline and Simulation Package
  5. Communication Protocol Drivers
  6. Audit Trail
  7. Custom built and template based UI Engine
  8. Task Scheduler
  9. Import/Export configuration
  10. Print and Custom Reports
  11. Internationalization
  12. Scripting Capability
  13. Search
  14. Data Acquisition and Analysis
  15. Device Data Traffic monitor
  16. Multiple Device Comparison

Modular/Plug-in Architecture

DPI also provides built-in libraries that can be customized and integrated into the solution. Its modular design allows it to add any new industrial protocol, graphic control or feature enhancement, hence improving the scalability and extensibility.

Complex Device support

DPI supports complex field device logic for more than 50 data template patterns.

Multiple Device Support

DPI supports multiple device variants and revisions with common core functionality and it has provision to support device variant and revision specific logic that is not common across the device family.

offline and Simulation

DPI has offline and simulation packages with built-in algorithms to support complex methods.

Customizable license

DPI supports the integration of customer preferred licensing tool into an application.

Cloud Connectivity

DPI provides cloud connectivity module to push the data from heterogeneous data sources into the cloud platform like Microsoft Azure, AWS etc.

FDT compliant

Framework has built-in modules implementing FDT 1.2.x and FDT 2.x specifications for device DTMs, gateway DTMs and communication DTMs.

OPC Integration

OPC can be integrated into the DPI applications to support multiple client-server architectures.

Asset Management

DPI has been deployed to build the OPC based ecosystem in order to manage the field assets over various communication protocols like IEC61850, Modbus, SNMP, BACnet, CANOpen and also proprietary protocols for Power & Utilities and Process and Factory Automation.

Diagnostics and Maintenance

DPI has been used for developing feature-rich diagnostics and service tool with rich Graphical User Interface to supervise more than 35 measuring instruments like Flow, Density, Viscosity, Temperature etc.

DPI has been used in developing the next generation software for configuration and monitoring of electric actuators using Modbus, HART, Foundation Fieldbus, PROFIBUS and custom protocols.

Mobile Dashboard

DPI has been employed to develop mobile-based rich graphical application to monitor and control the Modbus and HART devices connected over Modbus and HART Gateways.

Device/Communication/Gateway DTM

DPI DTM framework has been used to build 100+ DTMs ranging from simple HART measurement devices to complex PROFIBUS valve controllers with complex device business logic.

Cloud Platform

DPI has been deployed to build cloud-based application for monitoring the water level over web as well as mobile platform across various geographical locations.


DPI framework has been used to develop the FDI UIP (User Interface Plug-in) with rich user interface and application for various complex device functionalities.