IndustrialSoftware Development

Industrial Software Development needs good domain understanding in order to build an effective software whether it could be simple diagnostic and service tool for a set of actuators or designing the enterprise wide cloud based solution to access and visualize critical information anytime and anywhere from any type of device.

Since decade, Utthunga is specialized in serving the industrial leaders in developing these engineering solutions to add value to their business lineup.

SCADA and HMI Development

Utthunga has good experience in working with SCADA and building an HMI application for process automation industries.

OPC Solutions

Utthunga has built the OPC based solution which aggregates the data and monitors the asset spread across geographical locations. Utthunga having its own OPC stack, with its vast experience in OPC reduces the risk, time to market and cost in quickly building the OPC based solutions. Utthunga also has experience in working with other OPC stacks available in the market.

Diagnostic and Service Tool Development

Utthunga has proven DPI (Device Programming Interface) framework which accelerates the development of Industrial engineering application development. Utthunga has developed many engineering application to parameterize, diagnose, calibrate and troubleshoot the multi variable (flow, density, temperature etc) measurement devices to variety of electric, pneumatic actuators.

Host Appplication

Utthunga has experience and expertise in DD/FDI/FDT based host application and its components. Utthunga has served many Industry leaders in their host application. Utthunga has also provided feature enhancement to the existing host application Visit EDDL/FDT/FDI Service offerings for more details.

Mobile Application

Utthunga has vast experience in building the engineering mobile application, dashboard, be it using Windows CE, Linux, Microsoft Embedded, Android, iOS platform. Utthunga’s cross platform DPI framework reduces effort and time to market in building the mobile engineering application for both handheld and desktop applications.

Handheld Communicator Software

Utthunga has good understanding on the need of handheld communicators in the Industry for calibrating and diagnosing the instruments using either proprietary information or DD files associated with the device.

Calibration Software

Utthunga has good understanding on the calibration software used in the plant with various functionalities like fully automatic calibration, certificate management etc. Utthunga has helped its customer by adding value to these calibration software using its vast domain knowledge and past experience.

Simulation Software

Utthunga has developed various Simulator based solutions using its uSimulate framework, be it PC based Simulator using various protocols like Modbus, Ethernet-IP, HART-IP, IEC 61850 etc or with custom logic and configuration tools or Hardware based Simulator to simulate thousands of HART devices to test the DCS.

Plug-in Tools

Utthunga can also help you to enhance your Asset Management System by building the plug-in tools for complex methods or functionalities. Utthunga has good understanding on the Asset Management Systems and help you to build the robust plug in tools for your Asset Management Systems.

Analytics and Visualization

Utthunga has an ecosystem for building the Data Analytics and Visualization applications with strong data acquisition capability, provision to integrate your data analytic engine or use the powerful algorithm developed by domain experts which has been validated in actual Industry scenarios.


Utthunga’s proprietary framework like DPI, uSimulate, OPC servers acts like an accelerator in building the quick solution for our customers.


Utthunga has passionate team of domain and technology experts with decades of experience in building the Industrial software applications.


Utthunga offers flexible business model based on your need, be it dedicated offshore development centre or our team working with your team in an collaborative mode at off shore or working at your site.


Utthunga’s customer focused passionate team has earned good customer satisfaction rate over years. We have leaders, excellent communicators, hardcore go-to-guys for technology innovations and compassionate team players.


Utthunga has worked with Industry leaders since 10 years and has built strong happy customer portfolio. Utthunga can be your preferred and trusted technology partner in your journey too.