Offerings forIO-Link

IO-Link is the first standardized IO technology worldwide (IEC 61131-9) for the communication with sensors and also actuators. The powerful point-to-point communication is based on the long established 3-wire sensor and actuator connection without additional requirements regarding the cable material. Hence, IO-Link is no fieldbus but the further development of the existing, tried-and-tested connection technology for sensors and actuators. The IO-Link technology is managed by IO Link and PNO, a global trade and standards development organization.

Utthunga has offered various solutions around IO-Link protocol to its customer


Utthunga has experience and expertise in providing the engineering solutions around IO-Link. Utthunga’s proprietary DPI (Device Programming Interface) framework and IO-Link stack accelerates the development. This has been used for developing various Dashboard application, diagnostic and service tools to monitor, parameterize the various instruments using IO-Link devices for various vendors.


Utthunga can provide FDT based solutions using IO-Link protocol like IO-Link Communication DTM Development or Device DTM development for IO-Link protocol


Utthunga provides various embedded offerings for IO-Link protocol which includes the Stack development/integration, embedded application and middleware development, Gateways for IO-Link and CIP protocols etc.


Utthunga can develop the Simulation tool for IO-Link protocol using uSimulate framework and Utthunga’s proprietary IO-Link stack which reduces the time for development and cost.


Utthunga can develop the mobile dashboard application for Android and iOS using its proprietary IO-Link stack and DPI framework which can communicate with IO-Link devices over network.