ISA100.11a is a wireless networking technology standard developed by the International Society of Automation (ISA) and is an open, universal IPv6 wireless network protocol that establishes the Industrial Internet Of Things.  ISA100 Wireless uses CSMA/CA (LBT listen before talk) CCA (clear channel assessment) technology to ensure co-existence with other unmanaged wireless devices using the same 2.4 Ghz frequency spectrum.

Utthunga has good experience and expertise in working with ISA100 protocol.

FDI Package Development

Utthunga can develop the FDI Device Package or DD for ISA100 devices which helps in configuring and calibrating these devices using the host application.

FDI Communication Server

Utthunga can develop ISA100 FDI Communication Server for the ISA100 protocol for any ISA100.11a supported gateways.

FDI HOST enhancement

Utthunga can help in integrating the ISA100 protocol support to the FDI host application which enables the ISA100 devices to be recognized and supported in the FDI host.

Simulation Solution

Utthunga can develop the ISA100.11a Simulator device which can be used for testing in the absence of ISA100 protocol supported devices.