Training Course for Product Developers New to EtherNet/IP™

Utthunga Technologies is pleased to support EtherNet/IP Quick Start for Vendors, ODVA’s training course for product manufacturers new to EtherNet/IP, to be offered for the first time in Bengaluru on 26 February 2018. If you are considering development of an EtherNet/IP product, join us for a Quick Start to get the information you need to get your product to market quickly. This course is ideal for product engineers, managers, or those responsible for turning commercial product specifications into engineering specs.

Quick Start for Vendors

Date 26 February 2018
Time 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Location Le Meridien
No. 28 Sankey Road
P.B. No. 174 (Opposite Bangalore Golf Club)
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560052

Course agenda includes

  • Technical overview of the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP™) and EtherNet/IP™, including information on OSI, object model, object class, device profile, messaging, I/O connection types, and EDS files.
  • Recent EtherNet/IP enhancements, including objects for energy awareness and measurement.
  • Maximizing your device: Quality of Service, Device Level Ring, and CIP Sync™
  • Getting started with your EtherNet/IP development, including an overview of the steps to become an official EtherNet/IP vendor, and recommendations for new developers about how to read The EtherNet/IP Specification.
  • Understanding your EtherNet/IP product’s functional requirements, including a discussion of device types and capabilities, defining your application data and choosing a device profile, recommended EtherNet/IP functionality, additional device functional considerations, and performance requirements.
  • Choosing an implementation approach for your unique situation.
  • EtherNet/IP product design considerations, including a review of software, hardware, physical layer, and performance.
  • Testing your EtherNet/IP product.
Learn more from ODVA – the organization that manages the EtherNet/IP technology on the following website:
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We look forward to seeing you on 26 February!