Date: April 04, 2022

Changes are part of organizational journey. Starting today, we change the color of our logo to DARK BLUE. This change reflects our technology and domain Knowledge, Integrity in everything we do and Seriousness towards our customer’s success.

Changing the external appearance doesn’t change anything with our core values; we are the same bunch of passionate engineers serving our customers with the same commitment to Engineering Transformation.

So, why change the color you may ask!

‘Utthunga’ means the mountain top or pinnacle in Sanskrit. Just as a mountain extends from the ocean to sky, our logo depicts the same in the industrial world – sensor meets the cloud!

The traditional hierarchical ISA-95 pyramid has been flattened by the advancement of cloud centric technologies. In this new world, data from each layer can bypass the intermediate layers and reach the cloud directly. Boundless value and business models get unlocked.

We are the partner to our customers in this new world to help them reach the sky, the cloud.

The revolution is here. Are you ready?