The increasing need of industrial automation has resulted in dependencies on field instruments on the plant floor in more than one way. Heterogenous manufacturers of industrial equipment lead to a cumbersome processes for end industries to configure, diagnose and calibrate a diverse mix of field devices. To add, globally acceptable standards like OPC UA mandates device data and related information to be in a specific format before it can be processed on cloud.

End industries use automation systems, communication protocols and Intelligent Asset Management Systems (IAMS) to combat practical challenges of transferring, consolidating, and analyzing complex device information and data across different levels. For various IT layers to leverage the power of information exchange, data from various field devices must be converted into consistent pattern and standardized form.

As a result of lack of normalized data from field devices in a plant floor, end industries face several challenges like:

  • Managing individual or cluster of field devices manually
  • Inaccurate or incomplete data of real-time asset health
  • Uninformed device failure leading to increased downtime
  • Depleting RoI due to ineffective device usage and erratic maintenance challenges

Utthunga’s uDDx Suite

Utthunga’s DTM-enabled Device Data Exchange (uDDx) suite work with IAMS communication channels to bridge the device information and diagnostics gap between the plant floor and OPC UA. Compatible with various IAMS applications, the uDDx application is capable of standardizing and normalizing device parameters from any vendor-specific device.

Image : Information Exchange Through uDDx Suite

Overcoming the legacy issues of many vendor-specific devices, uDDx Suite can convert all the parameters from different vendors into the standards that OPC UA can understand. This in turn, facilitates transferring the data to cloud where crucial operations like data processing, analysis, diagnostics, and maintenance can be carried out.

The key features offered by the uDDx Suite Software are:

  • Support to 1.2 DTM Version
  • Supports all HART protocol field devices

In its next version, functionalities of uDDx Suite will be extended to Foundation Fieldbus and Profibus protocol field devices.

uDDx Suite is integrated with field instruments via IAMS. Harnessing the functionalities of IAMS, it maps field device classes with standardized parameters as defined in PA-DIM (Process Automation Device Information Model).

It supports all the device integration standards like EDD, FDI package, and DTM. It integrates the IT and OT layers of the process plants by standardizing the instrument parameters as mentioned in PA-DIM. uDTM DxSuite is installed in the IAMS application and uses the DD library of the system and interprets them as DTMs.

Image : uDDx Suite – Device Data Access & Flow From Shopfloor to Cloud

Benefits of uDDx Suite

  • Protocol-agnostic unified information model
  • Fulfills requirements of asset administration
  • Fits well with a host of IAMS applications, without much change to the plant network
  • Offers end-to-end singed and data encrypted data stream

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