uDTM SDK Introduction

Utthunga offers uDTM SDK, a DTM development accelerator that integrates with Visual Studio and supports FDT specification 1.2 and 2.0. Our accelerators built over the years, are time and field-tested. To enable our customers to build products and services as per their custom requirements, the pre-built and pre-tested software application components seamlessly integrates with your software. Customers have benefitted from the significantly reduced time-to-market and reduced development risks..

Why uDTM SDK from Utthunga?

DTM development and certification for a field device without having knowledge on FDT DTM specification is a tedious job and getting to market takes a lot of time. Utthunga has solved this problem by offering a mature and robust DTM development suite called uDTM SDK. It helps to quickly build the DTM with limited knowledge on the FDT/DTM technologies. This SDK contains the certifiable DTM component and makes the DTM certification easy.


  • Built using .Net, WPF and XML making it easy to build the DTM
  • Supports 1.2.x, FDT 2.0 standards and complies to FDT style guide
  • Supports development of device DTMs, Communication DTM and Gateway DTMs.
  • HART, PROFIBUS, FF Protocol support
  • Support for complex algorithms
  • Visual Studio Integrated
  • Tested, Documented and Supported
  • Sample DTM for reference implementation
  • Supports below FDT-DTM functionalities:

Mandatory interfaces of FDT as per specification:

  • Audit Trail
  • Print
  • Upload/Download
  • Offline and Online Parameterization
  • User Roles
  • Device Identification
  • Import and Export
  • Device Health Status
  • Persistence
  • Diagnosis
  • FDT Channels
  • DTM State Machine

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019

uDTM SDK offered by Utthunga supports FDT1.2, FDT2.0, as well as DTM features. It is integrated with Visual Studio and has localization support. This FDT DTM is built using a development suite that is based on .NET, WPF and XML.  A single DTM supports multiple communication protocols, which enables seamless interoperability with more than 15 FDT hosts. The various protocols that this suite supports are HART, WirelessHART, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Foundation Fieldbus, ISA 100 wireless, Modbus, and Ethernet/IP. The various DTM features that this SDK supports are print, import, export, upload, download, user role, persistence, as well as device scan and identification.

Why Device DTM Development and Communication DTM Development from Utthunga?

Utthunga has been providing industrial automation services and solutions to companies for more than a decade now. The uDTMsdk component gives flexibility for a developer to create an FDT Device DTM which adheres to FDT 1.2x and 2.0 specifications. By using the uDTM SDK development accelerator, DTM developers can fully focus on the device business logic implementations while the rest is taken care by uDTM SDK. The DTM developed by uDTMsdk is compliant with FDT specification which makes it easily certifiable from the FDT Group without any extra efforts and costs.

Our industry association and partnerships with various industry consortiums such as FDT Group, OPC Foundation, FieldComm Group, EtherCAT, IO-Link, ODVA and ISA100, is an added advantage for OEMs, ISVs and end users in their endeavor to obtain certified products and FDT/DTM services. At Utthunga, our customized DD DTM development solutions help you meet enterprise wide as well as plant objectives.

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