The uOPC Classic Server specifications are based on Microsoft Windows technology using the COM/DCOM (Distributed Component Object Model) for the exchange of data between software components. The specifications provide separate definitions for accessing process data, alarms and historical data.


  • Local and remote data access
  • Security
    • Encryption AES 256 bit
    • Triple DES
    • MD5 encryption
  • Discovery service
  • Automatic tag generation
  • Connectivity to an elaborate list of devices and applications in an ascendible and shielded architecture
  • Up to date interface that provides the accessibility of installation, configuration, and support in one solution from an individual vendor
  • Renders direct and concurrent connections to clients including ERP, MES, HMI, SCADA, mobile, big data, ERP, analytics, and IoT platforms
  • Secure, authenticated, and encrypted communications from client to device across different network topologies

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