Top 7 features to consider before choosing an Edge Device Manager: An insightful eBook with in-depth details on crucial aspects of edge device management!

Quite often the machine builders, OEMs, and Independent Service Vendors are seen getting muddled between building and buying the edge device manager solution or choosing the suitable solution as per their business needs. This eBook addresses all those challenges and facilitates you with clear guidance to manage your distributed edge devices effectively.

Carefully divided into 3 key sections, this eBook starts by giving you a detailed insight on the prevailing roadblocks in the edge layer in the section “Why do You Need an Edge Device Manager?”. Once you are well-acquainted with the challenges, the section “Pre-requisites to Consider Before Choosing an Edge Device Manager” guides you in choosing the right edge management solution wisely. The subsequent section “Use Cases of Edge Device Manager” helps you leverage the power of edge management solution by giving you real-world use cases.

If you are struggling to orchestrate your remote edge devices effectively, then this eBook will surely help you find the right solution to your problems.

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