With extensive knowledge and deep understanding of protocols, Utthunga offers a wide array of network testing and protocol testing. Our capabilities cover interoperability testing, pre-compliance testing for different industry standard protocols and custom protocols.


  • Loopback testing
  • Signal analysis – eye diagram interpretations
  • Data logging and analysis (ex. Wireshark)
  • Stability and durability testing
  • Simulation tests
  • Performance testing
  • Security testing (tls 1.2 connection, aes 128-bit end to end encryption etc.)
  • Amplitude domain testing
  • Time domain testing
  • Bandwidth tests
  • Latency checks
  • Correctness testing
  • Jitter tests


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Utthunga offers interoperability testing to ensure the integration of third-party field devices with different DCS and its plant asset management systems using the EDDL and FDT/DTM technologies. The interoperability testing will be achieved for various communication protocols such as HART, Foundation Fieldbus and PROFIBUS DP/PA.


  • Device commission and configuration in DCS using EDDL files
  • Review device status in DCS
  • Creating control logic diagrams in DCS to control and monitor the device status and parameters
  • Monitor the device status and parameters in HMI
  • Device configuration in Plant Asset Management Systems through DTMS
  • Perform following DTM operations to validate the device functions,
  • Upload data to the device
  • Download data from the device
  • Device status monitoring
  • Trend view
  • Device events and diagnostic information
  • Review offline/ online parameters of the device

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