uSimulate is a framework for developing applications for simulation of communication protocols, field devices, control systems, process flow and network traffic. This framework expedites the development of Simulator with a set of pluggable software modules like protocol handler, simulation engine, device model etc. The accelerated development of customized solution with uSimulate framework ensures better ROI due to faster time-to-market, low development and testing cost.



  1. Protocol Stacks – Modbus TCP/ IEC 61850/IEC 60870-5-104/GE GSM/SNMP/CIP/HARTIP/DeviceNet/PROFINET/CanBUS/CanOpen/ EtherCat
  2. Packet Trace
  3. Algorithms & Scripting
  4. Smart Controls
  5. Audit Log
  6. Error & Exception handler
  7. Channel
  8. Data source
  9. Configuration
  10. Simulation Engine
  11. Device Model
  12. Scheduler

The solution from Utthunga includes:

  1. Custom business logic implementation for specific device and protocol simulation.
  2. A configuration tool for creating the network and simulating individual network components. Utthunga will demonstrate the usage of this intuitive tool prior to release.
  3. Test Application for testing the simulated network independently.
  4. Testing of the Simulator tool and the test application for conformance with the protocol specification.

Utthunga offers two solution variants based on the uSimulate framework: PC based and Embedded.

uSimulate supports several protocols and with its modular design, this framework can be extended to support other industrial protocols used in the Process, Building, Power, Automotive and other domains.

PC based Simulator

In this environment of the simulator, devices can be simulated on a standard Windows PC. Multiple instances of Simulator can run in parallel and the number of instances are dependent on hardware, memory and available communication ports.


  • Framework is built on .NET 4.5 SP1
  • Simulation algorithms include Ramp, Random, Sine, Toggle and fixed value simulation
  • SQLite or XML can be used to store the configuration of simulation environment
  • Customized WPF Smart Controls are available for faster UI design
  • Ready to use Scheduler, DataSource, Channel, DB Model are available
  • Log4Net is customized to log the application state and error details
  • Optimized memory consumption is ensured using Resharper tool
  • Localization support included
  • Tested on Windows 7 & above operating systems

Architecture Diagram

The protocols can be TCP, serial or any bus based. For non-TCP based protocols, external hardware like serial modem is needed for interfacing with the PC.

Embedded Simulator

Utthunga provides embedded version of the Simulator that includes simulation software embedded in the hardware with serial communication capability. This Simulator can be used for simulating various protocols and devices. Utthunga provides design, development and testing services to build custom solution including configuration and the diagnostic tools that communicate with the embedded simulator over TCP port. Embedded Simulator can be developed for Foundation Fieldbus, HART, PROFIBUS, DeviceNet, Ethernet IP and PROFINET protocols.


Utthunga has in-depth understanding of industrial protocols. The domain knowledge combined with the superior software and hardware technical competence equips Utthunga to build Simulator solutions that would serve best to the customer. When as a customer you decide to engage Utthunga to develop a simulator solution or pick up an existing proven product/solution, the following benefits come your way:

  • Superior solution through deep knowledge of the industrial protocols by building several applications around the standard, proprietary, legacy protocols/fieldbuses over the years.
  • Utthunga brings to the solution the nuances of different usage scenarios, network configurations, etc. Utthunga has deep knowledge of process, power, factory and discrete industries. In case a prior experience is missing, Utthunga works in a close co-development mode with the customer and/or hires third party consultants to bring the domain expertise.
  • The uSimulate framework has 70% of the required components ready and only takes time to build 30% of the solution customized for the specific need, which results in faster time-to-market. Specific customizations for a new solution can be developed/tested and delivered in expeditious mode. Since the uSimulate framework is being upgraded continuously (given the stream of new solution requirements), very often the customer needs are met out of the existing codebase.
  • Framework is upgraded continuously, considering the generic reusable use cases and business value that it brings in.
  • Senior engineer from Utthunga provides support for deployment; he will guide the customer through every step to ensure that the simulator fits into the planned test/deployment scenario.