DTM development suite uDTMsdk

uDTMsdk is a mature and robust DTM development suite which helps to quickly build the DTM with limited knowledge on the FDT/DTM technologies. This SDK contains the certifiable DTM component and makes the DTM certification easy.

Utthunga has provided more than 100+ DTMs using uDTMsdk.

  •  Built using .Net, WPF and XML making it easy to build the DTM
  • Supports 1.2.x, FDT 2.0 standards and complies to FDT style guide
  • Supports development of device DTMs, Communication DTM and Gateway DTMs.
  • HART, Profibus, FF Protocol support
  • Single DTM supporting multiple communication protocols
  • Support for complex algorithms and Trend Charts
  • Visual Studio Integrated
  • Tested, Documented and Supported

To make the DTM development as easy as possible, the SDK

  • Implements all FDT/DTM functionalities as part of the SDK
  • Defines the well documented interfaces to implement the DTM method Wizards, extend the custom controls
  • Provides the sample DTM implementation as reference implementation
  • Provides wrapper classes for all the FDT/DTM structures

FDT/DTM Features

  • Mandatory interfaces of FDT as per specification
  • Audit Trail
  • Print
  • Upload/Download
  • Offline and Online Parameterization
  • User Roles
  • Device Identification
  • Import and Export
  • Device Health Status
  • Persistence
  • Diagnosis
  • FDT Channels
  • DTM State Machine

uDTMsdk license includes

  • uDTMsdk installation setup with Visual Studio Templates
  • Help Documentation, Tutorials
  • Sample DTM projects and its source code
  • First year free Maintenance Package


  • Built using latest technologies like .Net, XML and WPF compared to legacy C++ and Winforms makes it easy for the developer to quickly build the DTM without deep knowledge in FDT/DTM technologies.
  • uDTMsdk has been interoperability tested with more than 12+ host and 100+ DTM have been developed so far making it robust and proven SDK for DTM development
  • DTM developed using uDTMsdk could be easily migrated to build PC/mobile application
  • FDT1.2x DTM developed using uDTMsdk can be easily migrated to build FDT 2.0 making it investment protection proof.
  • Utthunga is active member of FDT group with reliable first hand information on the specification which will be adapted in the uDTMsdk component