uHARTIPFDI Communication Server

The uHARTIP FDI Communication Server is a dedicated OPC UA Server providing access to field device using HART protocol. Communication between the FDI Host system and the uHARTIP FDI Communication Server is based on OPC UA.

  • HART7.0 Specification Compliant
  • Efficiently handled Delayed Response and Keep Alive Session
  • Scan support
  • Secure communication
  • FDI Specification Compliance
    • FCG_TS62769-7_CommunicationDevices_1.0.5
    • FCG_TS62769-109-1_Profiles_HART_1.0.5
    • OPC UA SDK v1.0.2

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 10 (32 Bit / 64 Bit variants supported)
  • Free space on hard disk approx. 10 MB
  • 1-GHz-Processor or better with 32 Bit (x86) or 64 Bit (x64)
  • 1 GB RAM (32-Bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-Bit)


  • uHARTIP FDI Communication Server installer
  • uHARTIP FDI Communication package
  • User Guide

When you download, purchase a license for, or request a registration key for uHARTIP FDI Communication Server, you are agreeing to the license conditions for the use of that software.

There are two types of License:

  • Package Developer License
    This license is applicable for any HART Device Package Developer interested in testing HART Package with the field instrument.

    • Evaluation license 
      For a single user on a single machine.
      This type of license is free, but is usually valid for only 15 days. Each user will be granted only one evaluation license.
    •  Single Seat license
      For a single user on a single machine, please contact us for details at fdisupport@utthunga.com.
    • Volume license
      For volume license, please contact us for details at fdisupport@utthunga.com
  • FDI Host License
    FDI HART IP Communication Server can be customizable based on the specific needs of the FDI host, please contact us for details at fdisupport@utthunga.com.