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Application Modernization Services

Transform legacy systems into future-ready solutions with Utthunga’s application modernization services. Our comprehensive services bridge the gap between outdated applications and cutting-edge technology through migration, rationalization, and re-engineering capabilities.

Product Engineering Services for Production Level Devices

Utthunga enhances sensor and actuator efficiency with sustainable process automation solutions. From design and development to integration and maintenance, we support end-to-end operations using proven technologies and the latest industry standards.

Product Engineering Services for Control Systems

Utthunga’s product engineering services empower control system OEMs with expertise in AI/ML, IIoT, and cloud technologies, offering solutions aligned with sustainability goals. Our end-to-end capabilities cover hardware design, software development, testing, and compliance.

Product Engineering Services for Manufacturing Operations Management Systems

Utthunga empower you to develop intelligent, sustainable Manufacturing Operations Management systems. By leveraging Industry 4.0 technologies, we ensure faster Go-to-Market timelines, lower TCO, and implement advanced capabilities such as predictive maintenance, digital twin, and edge computing.

Product Engineering Services for Monitoring and Supervising Systems

Improve efficiency, accuracy, viability, and flexibility of monitoring and supervising systems by leveraging Utthunga product engineering services. As a technology enabler, we help system OEMs stay up-to-date with emerging trends and sustainable practices, propelling your business forward.

Application and Platform Engineering Services

Build future-ready applications that reduce IT costs, simplify reporting and planning, and improve supply chain management with Utthunga’s application and platform engineering services. From agile transformation and application management to modernization, intelligent automation, cloud engineering, and DevOps, we have you covered.

Enterprise Cloud Solutions

Lay the foundation for modern, efficient operations with Utthunga’s advanced cloud solutions. Our comprehensive offerings include cloud-native app integration, hybrid/multi-cloud models, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, backed by robust security and scalability.

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