Drive Industry 4.0 Transformation Using Utthunga’s Industrial Solutions

Drive Industry 4.0 Transformation Using Utthunga’s Industrial Solutions

Building a Truly Connected Manufacturing Operations Ecosystem 

Bridge the gap between IT & OT, and create a cohesive & agile manufacturing operations ecosystem with seamless data exchange from production to the cloud using our advanced industrial solutions.  

We pride ourselves in meeting your unique needs by offering a complete range of industry 4.0 solutions. From connectivity & data management, predictive maintenance, and IIoT solutions to Digital Twin models and adaptive processes & systems, we offer the full range of solutions that enable you to optimize asset utilization, reduce downtime, match supply/demand, reduce operational expenditure, and more. Partner with us now to kick-start your industry 4.0 journey.      

Delivering Turnkey Solutions that You Can Trust

Process Automation

Leveraging our expertise in process, discrete, and batch automation, we provide cutting-edge solutions that increase productivity, reduce errors, and save costs.

Operations/Production Management

By combining real-time data analytics, monitoring, and control, our operations/production management solutions assist you to achieve operational excellence, improve quality, and reduce costs.

Maintenance Management

Increase productivity, minimize downtime, and extend equipment lifespan using our equipment health & performance management solutions that facilitate real-time equipment monitoring, predictive maintenance, and performance optimization.

Process Design

Our process design solutions offer precise measurement and sensing capabilities to optimize your manufacturing processes.

Advisory & Consulting

We offer end-to-end consulting and advisory services for Industry 4.0 transformation and smart manufacturing strategy & implementation.

Our Offerings in a Nut Shell

Consulting & Advisory

  • Digital Factory Maturity Assessment
  • Industry 4.0/ Smart Manufacturing Road Mapping
  • OT Cyber Network Vulnerability Assessment
  • Field I/O Network Assessment
  • Process Consultation
  • Instrument Selection, Process Flow Design, etc.


  • PLC/DCS/SCADA Based Automation
  • SCADA Applications
  • EMS
  • OT Cybersecurity
  • Assembly Line Automation
  • Jigs & Fixtures

Operations/Production Management

  • Production & Planning
  • Tracking & Traceability
  • Downtime management
  • Quality Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Digital Logbook
  • Asset Performance Management
  • OEE

IIoT Applications

  • Equipment Health Management
  • Oil Field Management
  • Energy Monitoring System
  • Truck/dumper Monitoring System
  • Vessel Fuel Monitoring
  • CNC Machine Integration & Monitoring

Maintenance Management

  • Network Monitoring & Diagnostics (PROFIBUS, PROFINET ETHERNET I/P)
  • Enterprise Asset Monitoring – Motors, Compressors, Chillers, DG Sets, and Other Critical Assets
  • Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

Product Engineering & IT Services

  • Custom Software Development/ Mobile/Desktop/Enterprise Apps, and Support
  • Custom IIoT (Industry 4.0) Platform
  • Custom Hardware Development & Manufacturing
  • Cloud Provisioning & Engineering Services
  • IT Infrastructure, Cloud and Security Services
  • ERP Systems, PLM, Integration Services





  • Feasibility & Requirement Analysis
  • Engineering & Design
  • Project Management
  • Manufacture & Supply
  • Erection & Commissioning
  • Training & Assistance
  • Support Maintenance

Industries We Serve

Oil & Gas 

  • Asset Management 
  • Valve Diagnostics 
  • Terminal Management 
  • Oil Well  Perf Monitoring 
  • Device Management  
  • OPC/Connectivity Drivers 
  • Edge Device & Mgmt. 
  • RUL Analysis 
  • Process Engineering 



  • Asset Management 
  • MES – Downtime Mgmt.
  • Track & Trace, QMS etc. 
  • Energy Management 
  • Network Diagnostics 
  • OPC/Connectivity Drivers 
  • EPCC 



  • AMR/AMI 
  • MDM 
  • Smart Metering 
  • Transformer Monitoring 
  • Recloser Management  
  • IEC104/61850 Drivers 
  • Solar Farm Monitoring 
  • EPCC 


Pharma & Chemicals 

  • Asset Management  
  • Solvent Hndlg. Automation 
  • MES – Downtime Mgmt. Track & Trace, QMS etc. 
  • Energy Management 
  • Network Diagnostics 
  • Process Engineering 
  • EPCC 


Discrete Manufacturing 

  • MES : Traceability, OEE, Downtime Management  
  • e-Kanban, CMMS 
  • Track and Trace 
  • Asset Management 
  • OPC/Connectivity Drivers 
  • Work Station Automation  



Proven Track Record

Energy Management System

  • LoRA-based 150 EM integration to SCADA to save more than 10% energy consumption.

Digitizing Battery Formation

  • Indigenous digital log-book application development and deployment to reduce 80% manual effort.

Vessel Fuel Monitoring

  • On-ship edge data acquisition and communication with cloud-hosted fuel management application to save 10% fuel and prevent theft.

Oil Field Management

  • 35+ oil well connected with cloud-based oil field management application to support real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Gas Inventory & Distribution Management

  • IIoT solution deployment to centrally monitor the gas inventory in distribution outlets and accurately mange refilling.


Newspaper Stacker Automation

  • Scheduling and print management of newspaper stacks based on area-wise demand.

Custom Hardware & Software

  • Edge Gateway and IIoT cloud platform development to facilitate remote management of assets.

Network Diagnostic

  • In process monitoring and notification of PFN in steel plant to manage the health of the PFN network.


  • Indigenously developed MES application on SCADA platform and piloted it in a discrete manufacturing plant.

If you would like to take your business to the NEXT LEVEL, we are here to assist you!