Case Studies

Migrating Legacy On-premise Applications to a Unified Cloud-based Solution

We migrated a leading building automation and safety solutions provider’s legacy on-premise monolithic applications with siloed databases to a unified, microservices-based solution on Azure’s modern, scalable cloud infrastructure.

Revolutionizing Industrial Connectivity with an Intelligent Mobility Framework

We revamped industrial connectivity for a global leader by creating an Intelligent Mobility Framework, boosting reusability, scalability, and security for mobile platforms.

Remote Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance of O&G Wells

Utthunga’s innovative machine learning solution unlocked accurate well health monitoring for a major oil and gas producer, transforming data challenges into optimized production, minimized downtime, and significant cost savings.

Machine Learning Predicts Well States, Enabling Proactive Maintenance

Leveraging advanced machine learning, we empowered a leading oil & gas producer with real-time well state predictions, which enabled data-driven, predictive maintenance for optimized operations and maximized production.

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