Case Studies

Case Studies

VAVE and Re-engineering of Electric Actuator to Enable Cost-Effective Production

Having obsolete machines as part of the motion control system obstructs the way to harness the potential of IIoT to the fullest. A Japanese motion control OEM faced the same issue when their range of electric actuators was challenged with certain end-of-life components and lack of IIoT capabilities. Read this case study to find out how Utthunga enabled the OEM to re-engineer the actuator range with the help of VAVE and reduce 6% on the Bill of Material (BoM) cost.

Secure Remote Monitoring and Diagnosis of CNC Machines

A rising rejection rate of the machined vehicle parts can look scary for a global automotive manufacturer. To overcome this challenge, the manufacturer needs to ensure that the productivity of the CNC machines working round the clock in the plant, is maximum. But the lack of a consolidated view of the machine(s) usage and other operational parameters, can seriously affect the maintenance process. Find out how Utthunga helped a global automotive OEM reduce the rejection rate by 6% within 6 months.

Configuration and Service Tool Development for Flow and Density Meters

It would be a great loss of time and OpEx for a maintenance engineer to manually configure and calibrate the large number of liquid and gas measuring meters installed in a process plant. Not to mention the intrinsic safety threats involved in the process. Check out this case study to learn how Utthunga helped a Fortune 500 electric OEM reduce close to 20% man-hours through a cross-platform configuration and service tool.

Development of A Custom Display Builder for Configuring Oil & Gas Field Assets

IA global OEM serving discrete and process industries with a line of automation and control solutions. The client has a range of flow computers, especially for Oil and Gas market. To customize the flow computers in line with the varied applications, the flow computers needed to be configured in multiple unique ways. However, the cost of enhancing/upgrading the configuration application in-house was costing them a significant OpEx. Check out this case study to understand how a Windows-based custom display builder application helped the client customize the displays with greater flexibility and reduced complexities.

Configuration Tool for IO-Link Master Modules To Increase Productivity

A Japanese electrical and electronics OEM manufactures factory automation solutions for various industrial clients. The client had a line of IO-link systems that required manual intervention for configuring, commissioning, and maintaining the IO Link devices. This consumed a considerable amount of time and required huge operational expenses. Check out this case study to know how a Windows-based configuration tool built upon Utthunga’s IO-Link Master Stack helped reduce the device maintenance time by 40%.

Asset Management Solution for A US-Based Process Control Giant

A US-based heavy electricals OEM was using gateway access points to remotely monitor the health of its assets. The client lacked a common platform to visualize and analyze the field data. Due to this, a holistic monitoring of field equipment and predicting impending failure was not possible. Give this case study a read to know how an Asset Management Solution from Utthunga helped automate and improve the asset management process for this client.

Migrating Multiple Legacy Monolithic Applications to A Single Cloud Application

A leading industrial OEM was maintaining legacy monolithic applications with stand-alone databases for independent plant functions. As a result, accessing cross-application data was not streamlined, hence posing difficulties in analyzing overall enterprise performance. The un-scalability of the monolithic applications and the pain to maintain separate databases lead to high OpEx. Check out how Utthunga migrated the legacy architecture to a microservices based scalable solution with a single unified database.

Asset Health Monitoring Using FDT IIoT Server – FITS™ & OPC Pub-Sub

An oil and gas supermajor was struggling to access diagnostic data from a huge number of field devices deployed across multiple distributed plants. With older version of FDT on client-server architecture, exposing the field information was challenging. Furthermore, the existing architecture was unable to cope with the load of increasing number of field devices at each site leading to inferior performance. Read how FITS™ with OPC Pub-Sub from Utthunga helped the client achieve easier field data access and significant performance improvement.

Seamless and secure data tunneling between systems in a leading oil refinery

The client is a global oil refinery and faced regular downtime during system upgrades of their OPC Classic based applications running on the deprecated COM/DCOM technology. They required a solution to bypass the troublesome DCOM settings for effective communication of operational data across different networks. Check out our case study on how they avoided rip-and-replace of their classic OPC systems thus enabling substantial cost saving, while future proofing their systems to improve productivity.

Developing Calibration and Configuration Functionality for a Renowned Test Equipment OEM

The client has a huge product portfolio of handhelds for configuration and calibration of industrial field devices such as flow meters, gauges, actuators etc. Inherent in the big product basket was the issue of function specific and protocol specific products. A major challenge that the service personnel of the client’s end customers were facing was that they had to carry a multiple handhelds.

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