White papers

Utthunga’s industry 4.0 application for asset management

An IIoT Platform provides a natural extension to Big Data, Analytics, and Augmented Reality. Utthunga’s IIoT platform provides a unified view and analytics for IIoT applications used in rotating assets, electrical assets, and static machinery of the industrial plants. These aggregated measurements can be utilized for obtaining predictive and prescriptive insights about the asset health and thus enable end-users to achieve operational and production excellence.

Mapping EtherNet/IP (CIP) object to OPC UA information model

OPC is the most widely adopted interoperability standard for secure, reliable and platform independent information exchange in the Industrial Automation space and other industries like Automotive, Building Automation etc. Mapping of EtherNet/IP (CIP) objects like Identity, Assembly to OPC UA Information Model shall enable standard OPC UA Services to access the objects of EtherNet/IP devices in a vendor neutral way. Download the whitepaper to understand various ways OPC UA Standard support EtherNet I/P devices and uses cases related to process automation industries.

RealTime performance assessment through KPI based dashboard

It is intriguing to know that during the industrial age (mid-nineteenth century to about 1975); companies would rely entirely on measures of financial accounting to capture…

Development accelerator DPI framework

This white paper is intended for the technology evaluators, decision makers, and technical enthusiasts who are interested in development of software with customizable & rich…

Ethernet/IP + FDI : value in process automation

As per the NAMUR’s position paper on “An Ethernet communication system for the process industry”, NAMUR calls for protocols IEC 61784-2 CPF2/2 ‘EtherNet/IP‘ and…

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