Cloud Based Enterprise Application for KPI Management and Optimization of Aircraft Timing at Airports

When fragmented systems obstruct visibility, inefficiency inevitably creeps in. This was the case for a prominent US-based earthmoving equipment manufacturer and airport application provider striving to enhance KPI management and optimize airport operations, benefiting both airline companies and government authorities. They found themselves hindered by the absence of real-time data, siloed systems, data inconsistencies, and a lack of predictive analytics. Utthunga tackled this challenge head-on and developed an end-to-end, cloud-based enterprise application that served as a centralized command center for airport data, enabling operational excellence.

By seamlessly integrating with diverse airport systems, the application captured real-time data spanning aircraft movements, passenger flow, baggage handling, and weather conditions. Harnessing Azure Analytical and Stream services, we developed a sophisticated predictive algorithm that forecasts aircraft arrival and departure times, passenger volume, and baggage handling processes by learning from historical and real-time data. Armed with these insights, the airport management could address issues proactively, allocate resources efficiently, and optimize aircraft movements.

Beyond immediate benefits, the solution enabled data-driven decisions. The application generated insightful KPIs including on-time departure percentages and efficiency scores, allowing management to identify improvement areas, plan for peak periods, and make informed optimization decisions. By streamlining operations, maximizing resources, and applying predictive analytics, Utthunga empowered the client to embrace a future of smarter, efficient, and passenger-centric airport operations.