Change Management

We provide systematic product versioning, documentation, and stakeholder communication throughout the product life cycle.

Engineering Change Management (ECM) is crucial in the manufacturing industry. An efficient change management solution applies standard as well as dynamic concepts of tools, processes, and project management. It helps develop strategies to control changes for positive transition and transformation across various stages of the product life cycle. It also facilitates people to adopt changes that are aligned to organizational goals.

We at Utthunga, have a thorough understanding of processes, tools, and systems, of Change Requests (CRs) and their impact on businesses. We implement systematic study, planning, testing, evaluation, and communication of crucial ECM factors such as Engineering Change Order (ECO), Bill of Materials (BOM), and ECRs.

Our experts ensure necessary compliance, audit, and other regulatory mandates adhere to the best practices of ECM. We apply proven methods & tools to capture and document changes against the original specification of engineering components and systems. We can help you streamline business-impacting ECRs through:

  • Product Data Management
  • Assembly Line Instructions
  • Operating Manuals

At Utthunga, we have strong capabilities in handling ECOs and ECRs to control, systematize, document, and communicate the smallest change in data, processes, or plans across the product life span. Our ECM solutions ensure:

  • Improved ECO/ECR cycle period
  • Effective communication CRs along with expected actions from various departments
  • Quicker alignment of stakeholders with minimum impact on future operations
  • Improved customer service and reduced errors, delays, waste, and rework.

If you would like to take your business to the NEXT LEVEL, we are here to assist you!