IIoT is the gateway to modern technology excellence and every industry is racing to achieve it. While it opens an avenue of opportunities for the industries to generate revenue streams, there are challenges and inconsistencies that make its implementation even more difficult. These challenges can range anywhere from inconsistencies between new and existing infrastructure, difficulty in integration of systems and solutions, safety and security issues, and more.

With the challenges of fast changing needs and technologies in the industrial world, OEMs find themselves perhaps not completely prepared to cater to the varying connectivity needs of their market. Ranging from catering to varied client needs, demand for IT-OT converged solutions, lack of data sharing, to the need for additional KPIs and security measures, OEMs find themselves under a constant pressure to optimize their solutions to cater to the end-industry needs in the best way possible.

However, these are challenges cannot be solved with conventional thinking or by the OEMs themselves alone. It needs collaboration amongst all the stakeholders: the OEMs, the industries, the standards bodies, and also the industrial service providers.

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