In order to get the promised benefits of Industry 4.0 like high productivity, easy service/maintenance, reduced risks and better revenue, quality assurance plays a crucial role. In this digital age, even small defects can be easily magnified with potential dire consequences to business or life. To meet these challenges, we provide superior quality engineering services that include application testing, device testing, protocol testing, test automation, testing as a service, DevOps and more.

Our testing begins far ahead in the overall PDLC, assuring maximum test coverage and product quality. We engage our customers at every stage of the production or manufacturing lifecycle to align with the testing objectives.

Why verification and validation services for Industries?

When it comes to verification and validation services the benefits of a well-executed quality engineering process are vast and can have a profound impact on process efficiency, product quality, and overall client satisfaction. Some of the benefits are:

  • Proper implementation of quality engineering reduces overall development time, effort and cost.
  • Effective implementation of quality engineering services within any organization improves communication between their operational and engineering teams and ensure that the Voice Of Customer (VOC) is integrated into the products or services.
  • Verification and Validation enhances product quality.
  • Automated testing services lower overall process cost through more efficient procedures with optimal utilization of resources.

Validation and Verification services provided by Utthunga

Utthunga provides both functional and non-functional verification and validation services including:

Test Automation

Our test automation services ensure good ROI for our clients by reducing the test efforts and allowing them to deliver quality products. We offer test automation services for various industrial software applications and enable our clients to test multiple versions of their products with very less maintenance need. Our offerings include tool based embedded & firmware test automation, hardware, firmware design verification, desktop, web and mobile application automation, etc.

Edge, Cloud, IIoT Testing

Companies face several challenges in testing their products or solutions that span from the OT layer to the cloud. We offer holistic hardware and software testing services, for the edge to cloud journey that comprises of multiple sensors/ devices, connectivity, cloud integration as well as multi-interface applications.

Performance Testing

Performance testing enables you to understand the scalability of your application software or to benchmark its performance in a third-party environment. We offer various performance testing services like load testing, scalability testing, volume testing, stress testing, soak testing, performance monitoring and consulting.

Device Testing

At Utthunga, we offer advanced field device testing services. Our team of highly skilled test engineers execute all kinds of complex projects by quickly creating efficient test setups and adapting to the existing setups. Our offerings include hardware, firmware and system testing, compliance as well as certification support for CE, FCC, UL, ATEX etc.

Network & Protocol Testing

Our extensive knowledge and a good understanding of protocols allow us to offer a wide range of network and protocol automated testing services. Our proficiencies cover interoperability testing and pre-compliance testing for different industry standards and custom protocols. The services include loopback testing, data logging and analysis, signal analysis, stability, and durability testing, performance testing, simulation tests, security testing, amplitude domain testing, time-domain testing, bandwidth tests, latency checks, correctness testing, jitter tests, and more.

Security Testing

Our wide range of automated testing services under the security testing portfolio includes threat modeling, source code analysis, web application VAPT, mobile security testing, API security testing, network vulnerability assessment, cloud security testing, etc.

Test Factory

Our TaaS model increases the productivity and effectiveness of quality assurance procedures through prompt execution and detailed analytics. We boast a huge set of test libraries with reusable controls for both on-premises and cloud environment.

Mobile Testing

Our integrated data-driven test automation approach analyses every aspect of your business environment, investments in the tools and technologies, release requirements and other such relevant factors. We deliver engineering metrics with 360-degree test coverage across varied aspects of the development life cycle to include multi-technology virtualization, connectivity, covering sensors and devices. We offer architectural consultancy, all-inclusive automation framework building capability, complete engineering work-flow automation through DevOps as well as continuous validation.


We leverage the open-source industry standards to design and integrate the best DevOps toolchain for application release, thus, assuring reliable releases and quicker time-to-market.

  • Communication protocol compliance test kit for HART, Ethernet/IP, PROFIBUS, etc.
  • Protocol Analyzers.
  • Test Automation: Selenium, Ranorex, Smart Test, AutoIt, Test Complete, UFT, NI Labview, etc.
  • Interoperability Test Lab with DCS from leading vendors.
  • Accredited FDT Test Center.
  • PROFIBUS & PROFINET Competency Center.
Accelerators / Frameworks
  • Application Test Automation Framework.
  • Device/Protocol Simulators.
  • Functionality Simulators to aid Device Testing.
  • ADVTE (Automated Design Validation Test Engine) for test driven development.

Automated testing services

Why Utthunga for Quality Engineering?

Here is how your company can benefit from our quality engineering services:

  • Certified ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001 Information Security Management System company.
  • Holistic solutions that cover hardware, device, cloud, and application on all aspects of Automated testing services.
  • Ready-to-deploy precise solutions that reduce the overall expenditure and efforts in test engagements.
  • Automated testing services that deliver a good return on investment (ROI), for short as well as long-term projects
  • Experience in cross-functional process interactions, risk and contingency management, analysis of failure, and design fault resolution procedures.
  • Use of Shift Left testing process for early defect detection.
  • Improved software quality, reliability, and predictability enabled by our efficient test procedures, knowledge management, and domain focus for verification and validation services.


Different methods are employed for software testing like Waterfall, Agile, RUP, spiral model, V model and RAD methodology which are based on the requirements in different phases of testing.

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