A Guide to Design Low-Power Embedded Devices for Industrial Automation:
A detailed eBook full of expert insights on Low-power consuming embedded devices for industrial automation use cases!

This guidebook is written after carefully collating the information gathered after a rigorous research work. Utthunga’s highly experienced embedded professionals’ first-hand information and guidance have made this ebook a perfect guide for the Embedded OEMs and Sensor R&D divisions to get started with designing the power-optimized devices suitable for various automation use-cases with complete knowledge in hand.

Divided into 4 major sections, this guidebook sets the gist of the topic in the Overview Section, which is followed by an introduction to Types of Power Consumption in Embedded Devices. In the third section of this guide, you can find in-depth discussion on numerous of Pre-requisites to Designing Power-Optimized Devices, such Selection of Components, Selection of Batteries, and Selecting the Microcontroller. The 4th and final section of this guide discusses about the trending technologies that are Game Changers in Power Optimized Designing in the industrial automation sector.

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