Utthunga enters into membership with SPE Industrial Partner Network

One more feather in our cap! We at Utthunga are excited to announce our membership to SPE Industrial Partner Network, an association of technology leaders that promote ‘Single Pair Ethernet’ as the basis for rapid and successful growth of IIoT. Partnering with ‘SPE’ enables us to advocate standardized protocols paving way to advancement of technologies that completely transform manufacturing processes.

With SPE, every sensor or actuator can be connected to the Internet in a standardized manner, enabling them to be one of the smart participants in the IIoT domain. Being an active member of the association gives us a significant opportunity to play from sensor to cloud.

With Utthunga’s proven skills in industrial Ethernet space and now our partnership with SPE, we look forward to deliver the best industrial engineering services that elevate the efficiency of your plant and plant assets with increased ROI.