Improving customer service. Safeguarding customer satisfaction. Winning customer loyalty. Increasing service revenue. Augmenting aftersales turnover.

These are some of the primary goals that machine builders have been pursuing. But, how many have been able to meet these goals? Unfortunately, not many, owing to the machine visibility challenges arising out of lack of meaningful data flow from the commissioned device/equipment.

Nevertheless, this will not be the case going forward. Yes, you heard it right! IIoT is the magic wand that has provided a 180-degree spin to the situation.

Wondering how? Let’s comprehend by considering the present reactive customer service model as a case in point.

Whenever there is a machine breakdown or performance issue, the client logs in a compliant with the corresponding machine builder. The OEM’s service representative responds to the service request by collecting data about the issue — via email, telephone, or chat — and scheduling an engineer visit. The engineer will visit the client’s location, provide a resolution, and close the service ticket. All in all, a lengthy process with avenues for delays and disruptions, which can hamper customer satisfaction across many fronts.

IIoT turns this situation upside down.

By enabling machine builders to seamlessly connect their equipment/machine with intelligent sensors that can transfer real-time data, IIoT provides end-to-end connectivity and visibility, which was unheard of in the industry. This means that machine builders no longer have to wait for an issue to appear. They can proactively monitor the performance of the machines spread across geographies in real-time and spot any discrepancies. This gives them an edge to identify potential equipment issues before they occur and proactively reach out to the customer to provide service.

The end result: Better customer service, which will lead to greater customer satisfaction, increased loyalty, and improved service revenue.

The benefits don’t end here. IIoT-based proactive customer service also helps strengthen the relationship between the machine builder and their customers by creating an ongoing relationship; one that allows machine builders to proactively perform maintenance, while keeping device uptime high (for the customer) and minimizing service costs (for the machine builder). Thus creating a win-win situation that will augment aftersales revenue.

The Tip of the Ice-berg

Apart from supporting proactive customer service, IIoT also helps machine builders to:

What Reports and Studies Say?

  • IIoT-based predictive maintenance solutions are expected to reduce factory equipment maintenance costs by 40% – Deloitte
  • Using IIoT insights for manufacturing process optimization can lead to 20% higher product count from the same production line – IBM
  • There is potential to increase asset availability by 5-15%, and reduce maintenance costs by 18-25% using predictive maintenance tied to IIoT – McKinsey

Accelerate R&D

By creating an information value loop from the end machines (commissioned machines at the client’s location) to the engineers, IIoT can significantly shorten the time between an issue surfacing in the field and fixing the issue in production (even before either the client or the competitor realizes it). In the process, it can accelerate the product design cycle and reduce time-to-market, which will give an edge to the machine builder with regard to the competition.

Efficient Inventory Management

IIoT empowers machine builders to effectively track the Remaining Useful Life (RUL) of the commissioned machine along with its components. Based on these insights, they can proactively procure spare parts and efficiently manage the inventory.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Using advanced analytical and machine learning capabilities, IIoT supports faster identification of issues in operations & functions, and facilitates quicker resolutions (even before there is downtime). The result: A multifold increase in operational efficiency.

Making Multiple Revenue Streams a Reality!

What was once a dream, is now a reality! You no longer have to rely on one source of revenue —machine sales — for survival. Unlock untapped revenue streams across maintenance and support space using IIoT.

Start your IIoT journey now using Utthunga assistance. We are an industry leader with extensive experience in facilitating the creation of a truly connected IIoT ecosystem with real-time data transfer and analytics capabilities.