EtherNet/IP Certified Stack – ODVA – 2017

Utthunga obtained Declaration of Conformity (DOC) for EtherNet/IP™ server/slave stack from ODVA in first attempt. The DOC can be downloaded from ODVA’s website. It is a single threaded design and easily adaptable to any device profile. The stack has gone through multiple levels of quality checks and vigorous testing procedures before presented to ODVA for certification. The stack is built on the proven and robust communication layer which has been in use in various projects and products.

FDT Certification Centre – 2012

As an FDT accredited Test & Certification Centre, Utthunga can help you in certifying your DTM for FDT specification conformance. Utthunga’s FDT/DTM specification experts can also provide you consultation service for troubleshooting your DTM for certification related issues.

Net OPC UA Server Certification – 2017

The .NET based OPC UA Server V1.0 became officially certified for Compliance by the OPC Foundation. Utthunga’s uOPC Server is certified by the OPC Foundation to be OPC UA 1.02 compliant. The OPC Foundation’s Certification and Compliance Program exists to help members develop and provide high quality products that meet minimum operability requirements. OPC Certified products are:

1. Compliant with the OPC specifications
2. Interoperable with other OPC products from other vendors
3. Robust, reliable and able to recover from lost communications, etc.
4. Usable, by following universally accepted best-practices

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