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Utthunga is a Product Engineering Company and an independent design house supporting various OEMs across the world in their product development journey.

Our experts come from various disciplines and fields of Industrial automation and product engineering. You can consult with us from a wide spectrum of software engineers, embedded designers, industrial network experts, application developers, Industrial automation experts and IIoT experts.

The experience of working with so many customers and solving their issues has made us confident to take more queries from our customers. Our experts give you confidence in your decision and make your work easier.

So, here’s why you should leverage our experts for customer-specific services:

  1. Optimal and cost-efficient solutions for your applications
  2. Competent, uncomplicated and entirely according to your specifications
  3. On-site demonstrations
  4. Quick turnaround time for efficiency and performance
  5. A competitive market advantage and much more

Here are some of the areas in which we can help with your queries.
1. Industrial protocol support in sensors
2. OPC in sensors
3. Wireless support in sensors
4. Functional safety feature development
5. Device Integration
6. Application development in sensor

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