Dynamic Web-Based Dashboard Development for Transforming Batch Process Management

Explore the successful integration of Configurable Web Dashboards, a game-changing solution tailored to address critical challenges faced by a leading industrial automation and test & measurement solutions provider. Hindered by limitations in accessing real-time and historical batch data within their Distributed Control System (DCS), the client sought a robust remedy to elevate analytical capabilities, refine decision-making processes, and facilitate prompt corrective actions. And Utthunga’s Configurable Web Dashboards emerged as the reliable solution.

Introducing an organized, customizable, and secure interface, the Configurable Web Dashboards boasted advanced features such as batch comparison controls, historical data visualization, and real-time representation. The impact was substantial – immediate fault identification, heightened product quality predictions, and agile yield adjustments. These enhancements not only empowered operators but also facilitated data-driven decisions, resulting in a noteworthy reduction in downtime, optimized resource allocation, and a significant decrease in operational costs.

Beyond its technical prowess, the solution catered to non-technical users, offering user-friendly access to valuable batch processing insights. The Configurable Web Dashboards became more than a remedy for initial challenges; they revolutionized the client’s approach to data analysis and decision-making in the dynamic realm of industrial automation.