Custom-built solutions to plan, engineer, construct, and optimize facilities and assets.


EPCC stands for Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning. In a dynamic industrial setup where performance, improved asset utilization and optimization are driving business decisions, there is an immediate customer demand for EPCC solutions that offer faster time to market and a lower total cost of ownership.

Why Utthunga for EPCC Solutions?

Our entire spectrum of EPCC services includes but not limited to Feasibility Study, Design Engineering, Manufacture & Supply, Erection and Commissioning while maintaining high quality standards throughout the project related Electrical Systems, Substations, Control Instrumentation & Automation. Further scope includes O&M, Spares services, Digitalization, IIOT & Cybersecurity for client peace of operation. We are also involved in E&I systems upgradations, DCS system, DCS/PLC upgradation, any E&I conventional equipment to latest state of art technologies for smart and intelligent systems.

We have a proven track record serving our strong and diverse customer base including global and indigenous clients.

  • Over 150+ years of cumulative EPCC team experience
  • Strong project management solutions that simplifies project monitoring
  • Deep industry knowledge across domains (Cement, Steel, Power, O&G, Pharma etc.)
  • Electrical & DCS Panel’s manufacturing huge setup (Consortium Partner)
  • Complete E&I Erection Contractor Permanent Team Setup (Consortium Partner) with Erection Tools & Tackles
  • Strong Electrical Substation execution teams for both Government & private projects
  • Wide OT/IT data coverage with data management
  • Building a culture of transparency & collaboration
  • Proven digital transformation, cybersecurity & IIoT solutions

Industries we serve

  • \Power Plant
  • \Cement
  • \Metals & Mining
  • \Fertilizer
  • \Distillery
  • \Pulp and Paper
  • \Food and Beverage
  • \Chemical
  • \Refinery
  • \Waste Water
  • \Pharmaceutical
  • \Building Automation

Our EPCC Project Approach

We act as an EPCC solution provider primarily in the area of Electrical, Instrumentation and Control Automation related to Cement, Steel, Power, Water, Substations as required. We can collaborate as an autonomous EPCC contractor or as part of the client’s multi-disciplined EPCC team.

Feasibilty & Requirement Analysis

Our EPCC approach to greenfield/brownfield project completion begins with a Feasibility Study and Basic Engineering. This enables the client to prepare a tentative blueprint w.r.t to the data provided during the study and as functions described in above Project Approach table.

Design & Engineering

Customers can opt for our project expertise in detail Design Engineering Services, with a comprehensive deliverables that described above Project Approach table.

Electrical & Control Panel Manufacturing Subsidiary Setup

The Manufacture & Supply ensures the basic outward quality check and timely delivery of the fabricated and assembled products are in-line with the various BOM check, test certificates, pre-dispatch testing, packing inspection and statutory documentations.

We have got huge Manufacturing setup of 2 Acres land in Karnataka {Consortium partner) to manufacture all kinds of Electrical & DCS/PLC Panels and also Panel Assembling Unit in Peenya, Bangalore, hence we can offer very good price compared to any other EPCC companies. We have supplied to very reputed Government and private Customers

We have a reputed and highly experienced manufacturing team which includes Senior Staff, Supervisors, Engineers, Welders, labors etc.

Erection & Commissioning of Electrical & Control Automation EPCC Projects

Whether its onsite assembly and installation of the plant’s solutions including Electrical Systems, Control Instrumentation, Automation, BMS etc. customers are provided with end to end solutions and complete visibility into the Erection & Commissioning of their EPCC projects. Later this is complemented by as-built documentation and AMC Services.

We have a reputed erection contractor team for execution of Electrical and Instrumentation equipments

Jobs highlights/Our strengths in Erection

  • So far achieved “Zero Accidents” by the virtue of our best Safety Practices
  • Best Safety Award from Director of Factories
  • Deployed Maximum number of 350 labors in peak for only E&l job

We have an excellent team of 150 Manpower on Contractor roles and supplied up to 350 at project peak requirement for Erection & Pre Commission of E&l equipment.

We have an excellent team of Project Managers, 25-30 highly trained Engineers on all major OEM (ABB/Siemens/FLS) equipment, 15-20 Technicians, Electricians with passports who have executed projects in Africa, Saudi Arabia, Europe, UAE, Russia, etc. and can independently handle the Erection and commissioning jobs.

Electrical EPCC Solutions

Our electrification EPCC solutions and services for industrial greenfield as well as brownfield projects includes Design, Engineering, procurement assistance of all the equipment as per requirements and later supply, installation, testing and commissioning of Electrical Systems.

The process begins with a basic ground survey, creation of various electrical design drawings and drafting, obtaining the relevant permits and approvals. Once all the statutory requirements and client approvals are met then Manufacturing, Supply, Erection, Testing, and Commissioning amongst others proceeds as per the project schedules. Our detailed scope including and not limited to

  • 33KV, 11kV, 6.6kV Boards, CRP, HT Capacitor, RMU’S, MV VFD Panel.
  • HT Motors (Up to 3500KW) of 11KV, 6.6KV, 3.3KV and LT Motors.
  • PCC, PMCC, LTMCC, IMCC, LT VFD, Star-Delta, Soft Starter, Electrical Distribution Panels etc.
  • HT & LT Power Cables, Control Cables etc.
  • UPS, Battery and Battery Charger.
  • Plant auxiliaries like Fire Alarm, Lighting, DBs, JBs, and Cable Trays etc.
  • Supply of miscellaneous items like LAN System, EPABX, Security, PA system, CCTV etc.

Electrical Substations

We are Electrical Substation specialists and include both Civil & Electrical as part of scope of supply and installation. We have a very skilled and efficient team who have executed substations projects ranging from 33kV to 400kV substations for both Government and private substations.

  • 33kV/66KV/ 110 KV/132KV / 220 KV Electrical Sub-stations, SLD, with CEIG Approvals.
  • Structural engineering for substation / cable gallery / gantry.
  • Civil design for substation equipment footings / cable gallery / gantry.
  • Synchronization and power evacuation of TG sets with state grid.

Control Automation EPCC Solutions

Our spectrum of control automation EPCC solutions involve a comprehensive integrated automation capabilities that reduce control system related risks and optimize operational performance. We provide the required skill sets for projects both externally and in-house

  • Engineering for P&I Diagram, BID, PFD, instruments lists, hook up, cable schedule, interconnection diagram.
  • Supply of all instrumentation & automation equipments like DCS/PLC Panels, IO Panels, Field Instruments etc.
  • Old DCS upgradation, PLC upgradation, DCS station license renewals/upgradations etc.
  • Management systems like MIS, EMS systems, all third party OPC integration services etc.
  • IIoT based digitalization solutions like vibration analysis, condition monitoring of equipments, power optimization system etc. for increasing performance, production, and optimization etc.
  • Supply of special equipment like Lab Automation, XRF/XRD, gas analysers, HT CCTVs, shell scanner, dust monitors, CEMS etc.
  • Field process instruments like PT, FT, TT, LT, Field Wireless, Device Smart Communicators etc.

Project Management

Our extensive experience in Project Management for all types of complex projects means you have access to instantaneous, current data of your project. Timely all stage wise project requirements are available. Gain deeper insights from data sources in various stages of project execution, to have an enterprise view for optimization of your projects. The documents includes and are not limited to below

  • Project plan/status documents
  • Certificates & licences documents
  • Quality Assurance Plan
  • Safety compliance report
  • FAT report
  • Timely project plan / status submission to client

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EPCC of the Future with Utthunga

The EPCC of the future is geared up for greater visibility and control of the entire project lifecycle starting from the initial bidding to designing, procurement, construction and operations. The project control decisions are now being made much early in the lifecycle, during the front-end engineering design (FEED) stage itself. It’s imperative that companies also leverage the new innovative technologies and digitalization of their hardware and software to achieve their project goals.

Utthunga delivers on their objectives of increased revenue, agility and optimized productivity to build a plant for the future. With our data and project centric approach, our EPCC solutions are customized to give a complete suite of EPCC functionalities right from design to build and manage the capital and time sensitive projects. Our comprehensive solutions ensures that you focus on the business side of the project while we take care of your EPCC needs. Get in touch with our EPCC experts to achieve your EPCC plans.

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