Mechanical Engineering Services & Solutions

Transform ideas to manufactural products using our mechanical engineering services.

Machine Engineering is a specialized industrial skill. It requires a series of mechanical and digital competencies to achieve the complex functioning of static and moving machine components. With the increasing use of software integration, the market demands advanced engineering services that deliver efficient and safe engineering solutions.

Utthunga’s portfolio includes a competitive mix of mechanical engineering solutions. Our wide range of industrial experience can meet your dynamic requirements of design, development, analysis, and testing.

From Theories & Concepts to Performing Systems

Design Engineering

We provide detailed services for 2D concept designs and 3D modeling & simulations. Our engineering design expertise includes from-the-scratch solutions as well as an expert’s view on your existing designs.

Our comprehensive CAD and 3D modeling solutions bring mechanical engineering ideas to life. To name a few, we cover product design, engineering change requests, manufacturing assembly, and production layout services using advanced modeling software technologies.

Reliability Engineering

We specialize in engineering design and optimization using the latest FE Modeling & Analysis tools and techniques. Our team is well equipped to deliver complex solutions like composite analysis, computational fluid dynamics, stress & fatigue analysis, computational fluid dynamics, and thermal studies.

In all our solutions, our certified engineers study the quality and robustness of new and existing concepts and products. Our processes and due diligence ensure that the end products behave exactly as intended.

Mechanical engineering

Change Management

Mechanical Engineering products undergo a series of modifications from concepts to the finished products. We provide end-to-end support for traceability, requesting processes, planning, implementation, and evaluation of the change management life cycle.

Whether large conversion programs or isolated engineering orders (ECO), we provide a wide range of services and solutions in change management processes. We also provide support for engineering standardization and documentation to ensure industry compliance and best practices.

Manufacturing Engineering

Driven by our hands-on experience and expertise in manufacturing engineering, we deliver a need-based and customized solution to suit your varying needs. From tooling to assembly design – we help streamline manufacturing processes at various levels to achieve flawless results.

We provide comprehensive solutions for fixture designs, checking, and testing. Whether your need is simple or sophisticated, we are capable of delivering end-to-end jigs & fixture design solutions.


We deliver standard as well as on-demand component and system testing to ensure safety and quality assurance for various industrial requirements. With our reliable testing services, you can focus on your strengths and make rapid entry into the competitive market.

Our focused areas in this segment are performance & functional testing, environmental testing, and shock & vibration testing.

Tools, Technologies & Certifications

t Utthunga, we firmly believe in practicing and implementing the basics of engineering solutions in all our deliverables. Ensuring best industry practices, we make use of the most advanced and sophisticated software tools and technologies to address a wide variety of industrial and engineering requirements.

Some of the most widely used engineering design and analysis software we employ in our services and solutions are:

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