Sivansethu G

Enterprise Architect

Sivansethu is a seasoned enterprise architect and TSN expert. He is also often referred to as a rock-star in internal Utthunga circles. As the director of the R&D division of Utthunga, he has a long and successful history of working in the industrial automation field especially in device integration technologies like EDD, FDT/FDI and OPC UA. Sethu is an expert in the Microsoft’s .NET Framework. He is also proficient in industrial protocols like HART, FF, Profibus, Modbus, IOLink, and others.

His 18 years of experience has been into development and design of native hybrid applications, web technologies (ASP.NET, Java), JS technologies (Node.js, React, Electron), Qt/QML frame work, asset management, CMMS, CMS and FDI/DTM. He also has exceptional command of various software & scripting languages for working on different platform like Windows, Linux, iOS & Android.