EDDL Development and EDDL Host Development Services

An EDDL describes a device a little more than what a Device Description (DD) would do. As a text-based language, EDDL is used for describing the intelligent field instrumentation and equipment parameters such as diagnostic data, device status and configuration details in a platform/operating system/human machine interface (HMI) agnostic manner. An EDDL describes various parameters of a field device such as:

  • Default values
  • Permitted range
  • Graphic support images such as charts, figures
  • Window support like tabs, parameter groups
  • Computation capabilities in the form of the full math library

We have deep expertise in implementing EDDL for a variety of devices, protocols and industries. Our engagement with vendors could start with developing a DD/EDDL file, and almost always extends into a deeper relationship on a host of other field device integration solutions.

Why EDDL Host Development is required for Industries?

Industrial Revolution 4.0 is here and companies are leveraging industrial automation technology like never before. EDDL is one of the fundamental languages that enable the integration of field devices by communicating information from different kinds of devices. EDDL supports any of the major digital fieldbus protocols such as Foundation Fieldbus (FF), HART, and Profibus. Simply put, it improves the accessibility of device information. It also enables the field device OEMs to make their devices easy to understand through a user-friendly visual format.

EDDL Development Services provided by Utthunga

Utthunga offers a wide range of EDDL development and EDDL host development services. Our services are focused to create EDDL based solutions that are compliant with the HART, FF, ISA100, PROFINET and PROFIBUS protocols. Some of our services are:

EDD Development

We specialize in developing EDD source files for all the protocols including HART, FF, ISA100, PROFINET and PROFIBUS. Our experienced development team understands your device, its underlying system requirements and its application to develop the optimal EDD source code for your EDDL files.

Legacy DD Conversion & Maintenance

Our team is abreast with the state-of-the-art technologies to offer you high-end legacy DD conversion and maintenance services.

DD to DTM Migration

We can develop FDT DTMs based on an existing DD file. We offer this as a service to convert a DD to a customized DTM. Further, our cost effective and easy to use uDD-DTM development tool offers a lightning fast and easy migration of your existing DD file to a DTM. We support the FDT 1.2.x, 2.0 standards and are compliant with the FDT style guide. The DTMs are interoperable with all major FDT hosts.

DD to FDI Migration

If you have a DD file to be converted to the FDI package, we can do that for you! Our team knows the nitty gritty of the migration processes having done this for several device vendors worldwide.

EDDL Certification, Workshop & Consultation

We offer high-end consultation services related to all your EDDL needs. Not only this, but we also aim at technically molding your team into becoming adept at EDDL by providing quality workshops. We also help device manufacturers in getting their devices EDDL certified as well.

Why Utthunga for EDDL Services?

Utthunga’s device integration experts are particularly trained to provide nothing but the best results with minimum error. We understand the market needs and update our skills and know-how regularly. Utthunga is an active participant in all the leading device integration bodies like the Field Comm Group (FCG), FDT Group, and others. We develop high-end EDDL codes keeping market relevancy and device functionality in mind. We act as a single window helping device manufacturers in getting their products certified.

If you are a system supplier, we develop the best asset management systems, configuration tools, and other relevant tools based on EDDL technology.


1. Are EDDL & FDT competing or complementary?

EDDL and FDT work in tandem with each other. Both these technologies are implemented for different market scenarios, for customers with varied device automation demands. In our experience in working with several device vendors, there is a need of a blend of both these technologies.

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