Modern industrial machines and systems are expected to be ever more intelligent and highly efficient. Both intelligence and efficiency are determined by the ease, speed, and accuracy of data accessibility across systems. For an industrial network to become efficient, the horizontal and vertical communications across devices and systems of ISA-95 pyramid, should be seamless. To ensure this, a robust connectivity is crucial.

The ecosystem of an industrial enterprise encompasses a diverse range of devices, machines, and applications, which are expected to communicate with each other irrespective of their makes, communication methodologies, etc. This calls for integrating the essential set of industrial communication protocols into the system to enable this communication.

Be it quick responsiveness, message accuracy, time sensitivity, or compatibility with the existing systems, the manufacturers of industrial devices or components need to address all the above criteria and more by offering a range of connectivity solutions along with the core product. However, it requires specific protocols expertise, skills, and experience to integrate connectivity support in hardware and software.

Integrating the right connectivity solutions into the industrial systems demands a thorough understanding of the domain and expertise to add value at each step. Therefore, it is best to rely upon a technology partner that can convert the connectivity requirements into potential value propositions.

Utthunga for Industrial Communication Protocols

Utthunga is one of the leaders of industrial connectivity that offers a broad range of services and solutions to cater to the communication needs of industrial OEMs. Ranging from integrating specific connectivity interface into the devices to developing applications to enable smooth data exchange, we understand the needs of end industries and hence help the OEMs engineer improved connectivity solutions.

Our range of industrial connectivity spans across following major areas:

  • Device-level Connectivity Services: We can integrate any required protocol on any industrial device or equipment. Based on the requirement, we can integrate various industrial communication interfaces to various field devices, control devices, etc. We are extremely capable of migrating, porting, and upgrading protocol stacks, device drivers, and upgrading the device firmware, etc., keeping the hardware requirements in mind.
  • Our years of experience in industrial communication allows us to support in deploying protocol stacks or drivers from any open-source, proprietary, or third-party sources. In fact, we can also customize our in-house developed stacks to fit the device connectivity needs.

  • Software Connectivity Services: Our experience in industrial communication allows us to enable to develop cutting-edge connectivity applications, cross-platform web interfaces, and protocol simulators. We also facilitate IT and OT convergence by developing platform-agnostic and protocol-agnostic client applications.
  • Establishing connectivity between the enterprise applications, databases, and control/OT applications by developing efficient client applications, we do all of it. We also help achieve interoperability among devices across all the layers of the pyramid up to the cloud platform.

  • Verification, Validation, and Pre-compliance Services: Our verification and validation services include functional testing, system testing, integration testing, interoperability testing, and pre-compliance testing the products/solutions. Along with all the other connectivity solutions, we also help the OEMs speed up the go-to-market process by assisting them in the end-to-end compliance and certification process for hardware, firmware, and configuration tools. Utthunga is an accredited FDT test and certification center in India.

Utthunga is a prominent name in the industrial protocols services market. Our industry experts are active members of popular industry associations and consortiums like OPC Foundation, ODVA, ETG (EtherCAT), ISA100 WCI, PI (Profibus, Profinet, IO-Link), CLPA (CC-Link), etc. Our years of expertise and strong knowledge of existing and emerging industrial protocols have enabled the top OEMs across the globe to redefine their existing solutions and offer innovative connectivity solutions to various end industries. We would like to be your industrial connectivity partner in your digital transformation journey. Reach us today.

5 IIOT Challenges that can be Solved Using
Emerging Connectivity Solutions


The data from the instrumentation devices such as valves, transmitters, etc., is used by controllers to perform functions such as opening or closing valves and measuring process parameters. The controller receives this data in analog (more common) or digital (getting popular) form and generates control signals, which are sent over the communication buses to the field devices to control the operation of that process.

For successfully planning, designing, and implementing an industrial communication network, you need to consider the following:

  • Reliable network structure
  • Robust security protocols
  • Transparency in network management
  • Remote access to machines
  • Integration with cloud infrastructure
  • Personnel and machine function safety
  • Access to devices through HMIs, mobiles etc.

The leading industrial OEMs build products that have their own connectivity needs in terms of speed, security, ease of configuration, key alerts, etc. Over the last decade these OEMs built and promoted industrial communication protocols and drivers that were built in their labs addressing their unique product/ecosystem needs. This led to the proprietary devices and systems that are not always interoperable. The good news is that we are already in the middle of this huge shift towards standard protocols like OPC, MTConnect, etc.

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