For more than a decade, Utthunga has been working on the latest trends in embedded hardware design field including developing instrumentation, industrial systems, Field Devices, Handheld Devices, automotive infotainment systems, wearable devices, medical equipment, etc. With highly equipped multi-disciplinary team and rich partnership ecosystem, Utthunga is best suited for designing electronics devices of any complexity.

Our services include designing and developing new products, value engineering, reverse engineering and designing Printed Circuit Boards (PCB).


New Design and Development

  • HW Design, Development and Prototyping
  • Bootloader and OS customization for target hardware
  • Device drivers, Middleware, Protocol Stacks, Applications – Development / customization / porting
  • Combinations of the above

Value Engineering

  • Design Optimization
  • BOM cost reduction
  • Obsolescence removal

Reverse Engineering

  • Design Recovery of Legacy Products
  • Replacements with new generation products
  • Performance Enhancements
  • Regulatory and Standards compliances (CE, RoHS)

Board Design Expertise

  • High Speed Digital & Analog Design
  • High Speed PCB designs involving Delay and Impedance Matching
  • Communication Protocol Hardware Design (Wired & Wireless)
  • SI Analysis, DFM & DFT
  • Multi-Layer PCB Design (16+ Layers)
  • Design using BGAs (fine pitch of less than 0.65 mm), SoCs
  • Designing in compliance with different compliance standards.
  • Developing supporting tools and Validating

A Peek Into Our Resources

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    AMR – Substation Automation for a Public Sector Power Distribution Company

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    Articles & Technical Papers

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    Brochures & Data sheets

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