Utthunga offers cutting-edge device testing services in hardware and firmware domains. Our device testing team comprises of highly skilled test engineers. We have executed complex projects by quickly designing and creating efficient test setups, adapting to existing setups and functional knowledge.

Leveraging our deep understanding on industrial automation software services and certification capabilities, we cater end-to-end solutions with flexible engagement models under one umbrella.


Hardware Testing

  • In depth signal analysis

Voltage level, frequency, rise time fall time characteristics, noise levels etc.

  • Board level testing and validation
  • Power block testing and analysis
  • Electrical testing and validation
  • Safety and security standard measures (silx)
  • Unit/module functionality testing

Sensors, wireless devices, displays, various data acquisition units and gateways etc

  • Integration testing: h/w unit level and system level (top to bottom/ bottom to top/ hybrid incremental approach)
  • Pre compliance – physical layer testing (for hart devices)
  • Acceptance testing

Firmware and System Testing

  • Unit/Module code and quality analysis
  • Coding and project guidelines checks (Ex. MISRA)
  • System level end-to-end testing
  • Stability, durability, availability, scalability, reliability, recovery and remote monitoring with diagnostics tests
  • Pre compliance tests
  • DLL, UAL, CAL testing using HART 192 Test Kit and device specific commands testing (for HART devices)

Compliance and Certification Certification Support for CE, FCC, UL, ATEX, etc.

  • Class identification
  • Directive identification
  • Applicable test cases
  • Pre compliance testing
  • Technical documents preparation
  • Sample submissions
  • Declarations
  • Affixing marks

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