uOPCOPC Server

uOPC is a robust and field proven solution to acquire data from variety of industrial devices (PLC, DCS, field devices, etc.). Utthunga supports the classic OPC DA as well as the OPC UA interfaces. uOPC is the ideal product to realize the potential of IIoT: integrate with varied and multiple systems/devices (things) downstream as well as upstream. Any OPC compliant client application (SCADA, MES, enterprise systems, etc.) can seamlessly connect to and acquire data from manufacturing/process floor.

Protocols Supported:
Modbus TCP
Modbus RTU
Modbus ASCII
IEC 61850


OPC DA2.01, 3.0
OPC UAData Access, Historical Access, Alarms & Conditions


OPC DAEncryption AES 256 bit, Triple DES, MD5 encryption
OPC UASecurity: Sign, Sign & Encrypt, None
Security Policy: None, Basic128Rsa15, Basic256
Authentication: Anonymous, User Name/Password, Certificate exchange

Other Features

Remote configuration of protocol drivers and device profiles
Derived tags and custom expression
Buffering of data in case of connectivity loss between client and server
Aggregate multiple OPC servers

System Requirements

OS: Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7 Windows 8 , Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 - (x86 & x64)
Processor speed: 1.0 GHz
RAM: 512 MB
Licensing: Soft License, Dongle License
Modbus (TCP, RTU, ASCII)$550
IEC 61850$850
Support & Maintenance$50 (1st year support and maintenance free)


The OPC server can be setup with very less effort via the easy to navigate configuration pages. The effort required to start communications with the intended device is a matter of few minutes. This enables the customer to focus on the other core areas (designing the SCADA screens in the client application, etc.)


In situations when the customer is in need of guidance or advice, Utthunga’s technical support is well equipped to help. The turnaround time is very fast, because we understand our responsibility and criticality of the needed support.


Utthunga follows the agile methodology, and is very open to customer suggestions and requirements of new features or functionality. New features that are of critical importance to the customer can be mutually discussed to be taken up on high priority (with the flexibility of releasing a custom release to the customer to serve his immediate need, prior to the public release).


Utthunga has a dedicated team working to continuously maintain and upgrade the product. A quarterly release is done, ensuring all the recent bug fixes and enhancements are passed on to the existing customers.

Competitive PRICE

For industrial customers the price is secondary to quality, and rightly so. We help the customers get both the benefits: a superior product at a price half of what the competitors are offering. Whether you buy a single license or multiple licenses per year, it surely doesn’t hurt to save a few hundreds of dollars per license.


Utthunga boasts of a long list of customers who have been using the OPC server in varied industries. The product has been hardened by input from the field, and the customer base speaks for the stability of the product.

Utthunga has a dedicated Technical Support team to help customers with any questions or problems faced when using the OPC server. The Support Team has a combined several man years of customer support and industrial domain experience, hence ensuring they understand your needs. Technical Support is available by phone at +91-80-46543000 during office hours, or email at contact@utthunga.com.

Maintenance program:
– All upgrades/enhancements to the OPC Server and drivers will be available
– All bug fixes to the OPC Server and drivers will be available
– Technical Support can be contacted via call as many time as required. Email support is available to all customers/potential customers irrespective of the maintenance plan