Verification &Validation

We at Utthunga believe the effectiveness of testing is in understanding 2 W’s “what” & “When” application/product needs to be tested – It can be a New rollouts, fresh implementations, upgrades, or migrations, at Utthunga we apply our expertise to help customers improve business performance through process efficiency and reduce costs without compromising on quality.
Utthunga has reached a scalable height in testing hardware/software platforms with different test tools. Attained greater experience in serving clients across multiple domains, we can help design best-fit testing solutions and assure near zero defects delivery.


  • Domain-driven specialized testing services reducing dependency on in-house SMEs and domain experts.
  • Focus of system integration to business-driven testing.
  • Ensure optimum testing coverage and faster time to market with readily available frameworks.
  • Maximize ROI from software testing through consolidation and standardization.
  • Deliver higher customer satisfaction and employee engagement with improved quality of software.
  • Model-based testing approach to capture requirements effectively.
  • Global best practices, driving continuous improvement initiatives.
  • Reduces total cost of ownership with variety of engagement models.
  • Near-zero-defect applications to clients.
  • Minimize time to market for new functionality.
  • Built in culture of high performance and high job satisfaction.
  • Adopt to Six sigma tools and techniques throughout the project life cycles.


Capabilities Matrix:

Domain Expertise

DCS Honeywell Experion/PKS DCS/TPS system, ABB 800xA, Emerson Delta V & Yokogawa Centum
PLCAllen Bradley FlexLogix 1794-L34 PLC and Rockwell RSView32
ControllersHoneywell C200 & C300, Delta V S-Series
PLC Programming and DCS configurationLadder Logic and FBD
PLC programming of Siemens, Allan Bradley, ABB, GE Fanuc, Omron, Mitsubishi, Schneider, Messung, Keyence and Delta
Circuit Design ToolLABVIEW, Xilinx and MATLAB(Power electronics & Drives)
TransducersCalibration & designing signal conditioning circuits for RTDs Thermocouples and other field devices.
Automation tools & Process control skillsInstallation & programming of DELTA V, Honeywell DCS(Experion PKS(R)410/450 system Servers, Process PLC System, safety PLC ,Integration of third party systems and Industrial Data networks. PID controller tuning for different loops includes Temperature, Pressure, Flow etc., servicing of FCE.
HMI/DisplayExperion PKS HMI Display Builder and Rockwell RSView32.
Safety Instrument SystemHoneywell Safety Manager and Triconex.
RTUHave developed ‘HART over IP’ Simulator by implementing specifications to simulate RTU during product development stage.
Asset Management SystemHoneywell Field Device Manager, Honeywell MCT202 HandHeld, Emerson AMS, Emerson Valve link, Emerson 275/375/475 HandHeld device, Masoneilan Valvue and Metso FieldCare, Simatic PDM for Profibus DD, Yokogawa PRM host.
Measurement and Control Device knowledgeTemperature, Pressure, Level, Flow, Corrosion detection, Leak Detection, Vibration Detection, Valve Positioners and Actuators
Field Device Communication Protocol HART, HART/IP, Wireless HART, Foundation FieldBus, ProfiBus, Profinet DeviceNet, Modbus, ModbusTCP, CAN Open, Backnet and EthernetIP, OPC.
Communication OSI based such as TCP/IP, UDP, and serial communication: RS232, RS485 and USB.

Field Experience

EngineeringPLC, Control System Engineering in Plant
Designing of SCADA
SupportInvestigation & Resolution of issues related Experion PKS, Emerson Delta-V, Yokogawa Centum systems
Handling (VFD) variable frequency drives for motor control
Trouble shooting multi-platform software of PLC programming
Field Device IntegrationConfiguration and Calibration of Field Devices & Control Valves using ValveLink Solo, DCMLink, AMS, DeltaV DTM Launcher, FDM, Hand Held Field Communicator

Functional Testing:
Functional testing is a business preference for all projects – fresh implementation/enhancements, varying size and duration engagements. This demands enterprises to enhance the effectiveness as well as efficiency of functional testing by focusing on building strong relations with emerging technology and solution offerings.
Utthunga’s functional testing methodology is structured and introduced in early stage of software development life cycle (SDLC). We adopt the latest in testing techniques and tools from requirements phase to delivery. Requirements profiling, risk-based testing, model-based testing, automated test design, domain-based scenario suite, and dynamic test planning and scheduling are some of the examples to name.

Integration Testing:
Integration of different systems and maintaining consistency across different channels are major challenges in this world of transformation. Many organizations have noticed that the applications perform well in isolation whereas, industries come across challenges when they are integrated like interface issues.

Integration testing helps ensuring that interface points between applications are working as expected/ as per business needs and also focuses in enhancing end user experience with respect to performance security & quality.

Regression Testing:
Many Organizations face challenge in implementing frequent business changes while maintaining stability in existing system. These days’ organization demands project to be delivered with reduced time-to-market putting additional pressure on testing coverage. To reduce the time impact we need to arrive at optimal/prioritized regression testing, which can focus both on the change as well as the unchanged functionality helping in addressing risks, and also look in minimizing testing costs with time in mind.
At Utthunga we utilize the capabilities of industry-standard testing tools & techniques. We have built in-house test frameworks (can be called as accelerators) and procedures to analyze the impact of change in turn reducing the likelihood of failure.

System Testing:
Systematic test approach is a key part in ensuring application functionality and other utilities. We have to ensure data flow across applications accurate and aligned to the business needs.
Utthunga always rely defined systematic methodology throughout the project life cycle. i.e., This methodology starts with business requirements and maps requirements to test cases and test execution creating a strong relationship with traceability matrix enabling the validation of all functionality confirming the tests performed as expected.

Usability Testing:
Usability and Accessibility plays a key role in today’s digitally transformed world wherein the communication channels and information flow happens from intranet to mobile and cloud. The focus should be to enhance the usability and accessibility of content.
Utthunga’s validation and verification services ensure enhanced customer experience and also by aligning with industry standards and guidelines.

Compatibility Testing:
With the continuous shift in technology and changes in hardware/ software platforms, it becomes so essential that the application/product undergoes test in various environment.
We at Utthunga provides comprehensive Compatibility Testing services that can be performed across a variety of Operating Systems, browsers, hosts, servers, hardware, different versions, configurations, display resolutions etc. to ensure the application/product behavior is not altered with changing configurations.

Key goal of any organization w.r.t to product/application delivery is to achieve faster time to market and increase test coverage to ensure quality. Achieving all of these for varying size of the project is a challenge – Test automation becomes an effective solution in achieving the expectations of the organizations/clients. However, it is also associated with some of the challenges like availability of trained resources with many test tools in market, maintenance efforts (for agile product), License costs, complex test data management etc.

We, at Utthunga, have arrived at a balance test automation solutions considering test automation. We have expertise in most of the test automation tools available in market and also have capability to develop some customized solutions based on client needs. Our goal is to provide cost effective test solutions keeping quick turnaround time and quality intact.

Test Automation solution for Web, Mobile & Desktop applications
Tool Assessment and ROI Analysis
Readily available Automation framework
Expertise in most of the automation tools available in market
Assured savings on cost

In today’s competitive and transforming global market, product companies release their applications in multiple platforms and devices which includes IOS, Android, Windows, Mac and also open source operating systems. At Utthunga, we have positioned ourselves in mobile testing services, especially in testing applications on Android and iOS devices.  Our test services includes  all types of native, web and hybrid mobile apps and the scope spans smart phones, e-readers, tablets, PDAs, notebooks. We combine our expertise in test practices and domain knowledge  to build best possible test solutions as per needs.

Our Mobile Testing Differentiation:
Test optimization & Comprehensive test strategy.
Readily available test automation framework.
Faster time to market
Team of trained mobile testers with knowledge on global standards & specification.
Testing services spanning most of the popular devices and operating systems.
State of the art mobile lab for device, emulator and simulator based testing