Bharath S R

HART Expert

Bharat leads Utthunga’s Centre of Excellence for HART protocol. His long and successful 12 years of experience involves programming handheld embedded devices for multiple protocols like HART, Foundation Fieldbus and Profibus. Bharath has also undergone training on HART protocol by FieldComm Group (FCG) in Everett, Washington (U.S). A specialist in OPC-UA based application development, he is also proficient in core embedded OS concepts like embedded Linux, Linux device driver development, networking & Linux socket programming, UI, and ARM architecture programming. Bharath has deep hands-on experience in various software & scripting programming languages like C, C++, Core Java, Swings, Objective C, Oracle, Qt/QML, and project task management tools like Atlassian Confluence, JIRA, Redmine, and BugZilla. In his leisure time, Bharath likes to explore new technologies and read blogs.