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When it comes to sustained growth, innovation is key and, in this endeavour, new products are designed and developed by industries as per the evolving market needs. Small business and large enterprise invest time, effort, resources, and a substantial amount of money to design, manufacture, and assemble electronics and other types of new-age industrial products that are optimized for functioning even in harsh environments.

Embedded product design is one of the specialized areas that involves highly trained experts, working with advanced tools and equipment for transforming ideas into products. Embedded designing includes system architecture as well as hardware, software, and mechanical design. The process of product design involves activities such as deciding on the mechanical architecture, selecting materials and processes that meet the environmental requirements, engineering the various components that are necessary to make the product work, and finalizing the look and feel of the product.

Why Product Engineering Services are Required for Industries?

Developing new hardware, middleware, and software products is an involved task. It is not only time-consuming and costly but a huge risk to investment if the right resources are not involved. Hence, it is crucial to involve experts with proficient technical skills who have rich experience in product design and development. The leadership of the product development companies and teams should have prior experience in strategy formulation and implementation in product commercialization.

With the help of product development companies
that render such spec to product engineering services, dynamic products can be designed with efficiency and ease. They can also assist with the evolution of the mission-critical designs by conducting in-depth research, and by putting in the hours required for the engineering, prototyping, modifying, or re-testing of the product.

Thorough knowledge of the product lifecycle (PDLC process) is required in the creation of products for domains such as industrial automation, IIoT, networking, and more. The various phases in the PDLC process focus on analyzing, designing, coding, testing/debugging, and implementing/maintaining software.

User-centric design and effective development using state of the art technology encourage customers to see the true benefit and value of the products. The quality and performance of your products can significantly help your business to perform to its optimal best and gain an edge over competitors.

Furthermore, product development companies can help product OEMs by:

  • Creating hardware products and devices that are in sync with software
  • Taking responsibility from the development phase to the post release smooth functioning of the products
  • Offering expertise of multi-faceted employees who have in-depth knowledge of software/hardware development and mechanical design
  • Improving performance and durability
  • Reducing the time to market new products
  • Lowering production cost
  • Adding new features with stable releases
  • Reducing customer complaints and boosting customer loyalty

Product Design and Development Services Provided by Utthunga

Being one of the leading product development companies, the services offered by Utthunga enable our solutions for a wide variety of devices and applications in domains such as Discrete, Process, Power, and Building Automation.

The product design services offered by Utthunga includes:

Utthunga’s embedded services cover the entire spectrum of product design and development. Our primary services include:

New Product Development support
  • Mechanical: Industrial design/styling
  • Hardware: System architecture/hardware design
Value Engineering
  • Software: Board bring up, Board support package (BSP), application development
  • OS Development: C/C++, Linux, Windows, RTOS
  • Middleware
Product Sustenance
  • Testing & Certification
  • Integration
product engineering services

We possess embedded competencies in the following:

  • Embedded Hardware: Analog, Digital, Mixed Signal & Power
  • PCB layout and design servicproduct design and developments
  • Wireless connectivity: Wi-Fi, ZigBee, LoRA, UWB, BLE, SigFox, Mobile Module, SubGhz, 4G LTE/NB-IoT and much more

Why Choose Utthunga for Product Design Development Services?

Many of the industrial embedded products are a complex amalgam of software, hardware, and middleware technologies. The need of the hour for a fully functional digital future is seamless data sharing between the diverse embedded products and industrial assets operating in different levels and spheres.

Utthunga is a one-stop solution company that can help you gain a significant competitive edge with our digitally enabled product design developments services.

  • Embedded domain expertise with over 13 years of cumulative experience and knowledge to develop embedded systems and software across industry verticals
  • Flexible, reliable and customized product development
  • Cost optimization through R&D and reduced product development cost
  • Bring products faster to market
  • Customer data protection through well-defined security policies and mechanism



1. What are the various stages of product engineering?

Product engineering includes six stages of product ideation, product architecture, product design, product testing, product migration and porting and product maintenance services, which include providing technical support, sustaining engineering, professional and intrinsically safety design services.

2. How can I reduce my product development risks?

product engineering services company that understands the ins and outs of the product design and development process can help to lower the risks associated with product development. They can also help reduce production costs using strategies like improving material choices or streamlining components to reduce the risk to your investment.

3. How can I review the design during the product development process?

Utthunga’s embedded product engineering services team can assist with all or any stage of your product development life cycle queries regardless of technology, platform, or context. We encourage our client’s active involvement in all the stages of the design and development process and strive to work hand in hand through research, analysis, and iterations that will make your product a success.

4. What is the future of product design?

Product design and development is steering toward improved saleability of products through modern design and state of the art development techniques. Companies that offer intrinsicallysafety design services will play a more active role in the creation of higher-performing products that are faster, better, and easier to use.

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