Cloud and Edge Computing Complement Each Other

Cloud computing and big data are the core of Industry 4.0 and digital transformation. With businesses keen on leveraging the exponential volume of sensor data for actionable insights, they face an undesirable situation of cloud latency and network overload due to the heavy reliance on cloud. The traditional architectures are unable to cope with the modern demands. It is critical to optimize the existing communications architectures and the associated security aspects. Driven by the unsustainable reliance on cloud for storing and processing OT data, it’s no surprise that end users, OEMS and system integrators are pushing for improved edge capabilities.

One of the big enablers for industrial edge computing is the increase in the compute power of the low footprint hardware. The miniaturization of SoC chips as well as their increased computing power has accelerated the implementation of analytics and real-time processing in the edge.

Utthunga offers state of the art Edge stack for easy integration and customization for varied use cases. It is a robust accelerator, already is used by several OEMs globally. Our expertise in edge stack development goes beyond containerized and modular development. It extends to implementing solutions that meets your industry specific, cyber security, scalability, and subscription needs.

Utthunga’s Edge Platform

The development of a customizable edge computing platform for deploying and managing edge IoT systems is a complex process. Utthunga offers a ready-to-deploy and pre-tested edge framework that makes this development process easy. It helps accelerate your edge application development life cycle right from programming edge intelligence to building your application solutions for collection, edge provisioning, edge orchestrations, deployment and upgrade of edge nodes.

Figure: Edge IIoT Proliferation

Key Aspects of Utthunga’s Edge Framework

The platform’s IoT edge architecture supports industrial edge Docker Containers with pre-built modules. The cloud agnostic accelerator acts as a gateway for connecting your on premise, cloud or industrial edge assets with cloud based IIoT applications.

Customize and accelerate your edge application development with our wide spectrum of edge engineering services.

Data Acquisition and Delivery

The framework supports various industry protocols like Modbus, OPC, NMEA, and other open and proprietary protocols. We can readily implement both custom and new communication protocols on demand. This enables real time data aggregation, integration and structuring of the edge data to provide a single and unified view of the edge data. Designed for flexibility and extensibility for multiple edge devices, it supports:

  • Downlink physical interfaces: RS232, RS485, Ethernet, AI, DI, and USB
  • Delivers data over OPC UA, MQTT, XML/JSON over web services
  • Uplink interfaces: Ethernet, 3G, 4G, etc.


The platform offers built-in security features through Docker edge containers that makes it difficult for any single attack to take down the entire network. This software containerization and isolation of other processes and applications limits the effect of a vulnerability to that particular container. Data protection is ensured through regular OTA transmission of security updates.

  • Provides secure posting of data to the IIoT portals
  • Secure identification and authentication using TPM
  • Secure data transmission using Open SSL/TLS 1.2

Intelligent Edge Analytics

The framework delivers edge analytics in real-time and in-situ for data collected from smart sensors and connected devices. Storing and preparing the data, training and processing of the algorithmic models are essential to transform the raw data into insights. The local intelligence and automation ensures better decisions for

  • Real-time asset health monitoring
  • Perform edge/contextual analytics
  • Alerts and notifications based on OT data
  • Anomaly detection, predictive maintenance and more


The accelerator assists the edge update management system where all modules are secured with regular updates OTA transmissions. The edge portal communicates with the IoT device manager for visualization of the overall edge health monitoring, performance, operation, connectivity, maintenance and security as part of the larger inter-connected IIoT ecosystem.

  • Enhanced control management: Rule-based classification and alarms configuration
  • Data & Redundancy managementmodules: To sync and control data pileup at the edge
  • Network management module: To manage device connectivity (offline or with intermittent connections)
  • Web Portal: HMI for data visualization and easy viewing of data of the Edge device
  • Edge Device Management (EDM): The IoT Edge Device Manager manages your distributed edge infrastructure to provision and maintain the edge devices remotely and effectively. For more details on automated device registration/updates/upgrades of edge devices, visit our EDM product page.
  • Minimal installation and uninstall process


  • Perpetual Node Licensing – Binary
  • Subscription Node Licensing – Binary
  • Source Code Licensing

Edge Stack Technical Features

Supported Platform: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS server Debian 9 and above   Minimum Hardware Requirement: 2 GHz dual core processor 4 GB RAM 8 GB hard-drive space
Figure: Utthunga’s Edge Stack

Value Proposition of Utthunga’s Edge Platform

Give your business the edge advantage for improved operational efficiency, security, connectivity, visualization and edge analytics to act on real-time edge data.

Benefits of Utthunga’s Edge Platform Stack

Edge computing is complementary to the traditional centralized approach of cloud computing. With our edge platform stack, you not only reduce network traffic, but also leverage your edge intelligence locally. The edge solutions built on top of our edge stack provide the required connectivity and quality of service needed by our customers operating in a variety of industrial sectors.

A Dependable Partner for the Future

The IIoT edge proliferation is creating a paradigm shift in business thinking and an industrial infrastructure overhaul. Possessing a keen insight on the edge IoT device landscape, our customizable edge platform helps organizations accelerate their IIoT journey with a clear-cut roadmap for the entire device development life cycle.

With our platform, your edge devices will never be obsolete as our sustenance efforts ensure continuous maintenance and upgrade of the edge stack. Our skilled engineers leverage the latest technologies and tools to ensure your edge devices stay relevant in the changing cloud, security and other industrial dynamics.

Some of the upcoming features of our edge accelerator that provides the competitive edge to drive your business growth are:

  • Further leveraging edge analytics
  • Enhance edge to cloud architectures
  • 5G enablement and edge computing solutions,
  • CEP (Complex Event Processing)
  • AI and Machine Learning

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