We have excellent OPC solutions & capabilities to offer, building on years of experience in industrial data connectivity. Utthunga is an active member of the OPC Foundation and several other industrial standards bodies. We offer agile software development services in and around OPC. Be it OPC-DA (OPC Classic) or OPC-UA, we have deep capabilities in both versions to build servers, clients, standalone OPC products/solutions, and products/solutions that integrate with existing OPC products.

OPC is set to play a pivotal role in IIoT/Industrie 4.0. We have aligned ourselves with this broader vision, and are active in leading industries bodies like IIC, FDT, FCG, etc. These consortia are driving the technologies forming the building blocks of IIoT/Industrie 4.0.


  • OPC enabled cloud solution
  • OPC Pub/Sub module integration
  • OPC integration to the PLC, gateways and devices
  • Custom/Standard Protocol support for OPC
  • Water SCADA Solution
  • Solar Power Plant Monitoring Systems
  • IIoT enabled Chemical Process Simulation
  • OPC enabled Asset health monitoring for wireless Gateways
  • Any customization on OPC

Training/Consultancy Capabilities

Utthunga also offers training and consultancy on OPC technology and product/solution development. Please write to contact@utthunga.com with your interests.

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  • Case Studies

    AMR – Substation Automation for a Public Sector Power Distribution Company

    AMR – Substation Automation for a Public Sector Power Distribution Company

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  • Articles & Technical Papers

    Articles & Technical Papers

    Asset Health Monitoring using FITS and OPC PubSub

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    Brochures & Data sheets

    Utthunga Brochure

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