Machine Monitoring - MDCplus

MDCplus is a powerful and comprehensive production management suite for in-plant as well as on-cloud environment. It offers a wide range of equipment, operations and personnel performance monitoring and diagnostic solutions specific to your needs.

With the rapidly growing importance of efficiency and safety, Industrial Digital Solution is the key to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). To deliver maximum B2C benefits as the final business goal, the B2B philosophy of IIoT relies on the latest trends, best practices, and emerging technologies. With Plant Engineering and Production at the core, IIoT is transforming the manufacturing landscape in every possible way.

With the emergence of 5G mobile communication and other technologies, machine-to-machine networking is no longer the only concept of IIoT. While intelligent machine learning and big data technologies promise greater effectiveness,even greater complexities like real-time capabilities and cyber-security pose bigger challenges in industrial automation.

Utthunga – Zyfra Partnership

With over a decade of strong exposure to Industrial Solutions, Software, Firmware & Hardware development, Utthunga has partnered with Zyfra – a globally admired company in developing and implementing Industrial Digital Solutions. Backed by the indigenous world-class platform ZIIoT, Utthunga takes pride to be Zyfra’s leading partner of its flagship product – MDCplus

Utthunga provides end-to-end sales & service support of MDCplus in India. Focused on increasing industrial efficiencies, Utthunga brings its vast on and off the field experience in delivering MDCplus’ proven features in the following industrial fields:

  • Mining
  • Production Automation
  • Metal Working
  • Process Industries
  • Robotics
  • Industrial AI

MDCplus Modules

Zyfra provides cutting-edge hardware-software solutions to diverse industrial requirements. To improve overall efficiencies of plant operations, MDCplus offers various modules that can be implemented independently, or in combination with others.

Some of the prominent MDCplus modules are:

Tool Data Management (TDM)

TDM is one of the most common, unorganized, and scattered issues of all the production-related inefficiencies in the industrial ecosystem. Zyfra’s MDCplus addresses all negatively impacting factors such as inaccurate tracking, incorrect calculation, lack of transparency, etc. to provide accurate and measurable data. This results in real-time monitoring & reporting, increased efficiencies, and reduced costs.

Using MCDplus’ tool monitoring capabilities, you can seamlessly adopt Zyfra IIoT’s predictive analysis using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

About Zyfra MDCplus

MDCplus provides the most sophisticated and comprehensive digital solution for an industrial environment. Some of the most salient features of MDCplus are:

  • Digital equipment-tracking
  • Remote machine & personnel-performance monitoring
  • Cloud-based customizable data collection system
  • Computerized production control and maintenance
  • Real-time reports & notifications

Quite simply, MDCplus is an all-in-one Overall Equipment Effectiveness(OEE) digital industrial solution, that works. With this, you can not only reduce or eliminate negative parameters like downtime, scrap, energy consumption, etc; but also improve upon performance boosting elements such as machine & resource planning, productivity, repair efficiencies, etc.

Technological Control

MDCplus’ TDM process is supported by a robust tool monitoring system. This allows you to control various parameters involved at different stages of machining-software-hardware technology. This results in effective operations including equipment handling, and deviation analysis.

Controlling technological factors results in tangible benefits like improved quality, enhanced performance, and reduced scrap.

Technology Compliance Report

An accurate and timely report is critical to ensure that all processes function in the desired manner. Various reporting parameters such as the number of counts, duration, mismatches, and rule adherence can be monitored and accurately detected in terms of any deviation.

A simple export-to-MS Excel feature gives a quick snapshot of the report. Such a holistic overview empowers decision-makers to take corrective measures confidently.

All the MDCplus modules are capable of functioning independently. Moreover, you can integrate them in various combinations over Zyfra IIoT platform to suit your customized needs.

MDCplus Cloud in Three Steps

MDCplus helps you to integrate its entire solution with cloud technologies. It classically absorbs all intrinsic complexities and facilitates an easy cloud-infrastructure in just three simple steps.

Users and operators can easily onboard the cloud environment get configured based on authentication.

Zyfra AI Lab

One of the most valuable offerings from MDCplus is the intelligent processing of a large amount of industrial data. Zyfra’s AI capabilities provide realistic and workable solutions that can be cascaded to meet various requirements across various stages of plant operations and reports.

Predictive Maintenance for Machining Industry

ZYFRA Predictive Maintenance analyzes CNC parameters and vibration diagnostics data that trigger alerts in case of anomalies in the metalworking process. Such timely information and corrective measures have a huge impact on elevating plant efficiencies and reducing waste and energy utilization.

Predictive Tool Life & Maintenance

Tool malfunctioning and inaccurate tool-life prediction are some of the greatest challenges in the machining industry. MDCplus employs data-centric predictive intelligence that suggests timely tool change or upgrades, ensuring consistency in quality and production rate.

MDCplus Data Visualization

Data drives decisions. Once accurate and reliable data from individual and collective networks are available, it can be utilized in numerous ways to design the best possible solutions.

MDCplus delivers pre and post-processed industrial data that is accurate in 100+ formats. Interactive and intuitive data visualization assists faster decision-making, leading to direct and indirect advantages.

MDCplus Hardware Kit

Barcode Scanner

A conventional hardware device, to interact with software. With just one beep, you can scan a barcode and assign reasons and values for various tasks and operations.


It is an industrial terminal that displays information such as shift tasks, operator details, and the state of a machine. You can also use this device to collect and transfer CNC Machine data between multiple units.

RFID Reader

A device that can be integrated to TVV-10 to record the operator’s registration details at the shift.


An IO device to record signals from 3rd party sensors to indicate machine utilization.


Current Sensors, DIN-rail, Power Unit Controller, Bracket & Wires.

Why MDCplus?

MDCplus provides a host of features, functionalities, and capabilities covering all four major stages of an industrial environment – Planning, Production, Maintenance, and Reporting. Some of the distinctive advantages of using MDCplus for your industry needs are:

  • You can deploy MDCplus to any machine, literally!
  • Supports 1000+ monitored parameters and 100+ types of reports
  • Manual and automatic data collection with AI-based analysis and prediction
  • Wide CNC program management & control support, live video monitoring
  • Seamless hardware, software, and combined connectivity

The below illustration shows percentage improvement (per machine) after implementing MDCplus.

Performance Parameter

% Improvement

Realtime notification to maintenance and service teams about equipment
failures / predictive analytics

Decreased time on NC code loading operations and ensured quality control

Operators and downtime entries as a source of change management

Control of the setup time of the equipment

Tooling & Materials / Parts realtime statistic and information






  • Realtime notification to maintenance and service teams about equipment failures / predictive analytics
    % Improvement : 10-15
  • Decreased time on NC code loading operations and ensured quality control
    % Improvement : 10-15
  • Operators and downtime entries as a source of change management
    % Improvement : 5-10
  • Control of the setup time of the equipment
    % Improvement : 15-20
  • Tooling & Materials / Parts realtime statistic and information
    % Improvement : 15-20

From the above figures, it is evident that MDCplus gives impressive solutions to medium and large network of plant machineries.

If you would like to take your business to the NEXT LEVEL, we are here to assist you!