Case Study

Dynamic Web-Based Dashboard Development for Transforming Batch Process Management

By implementing Configurable Web Dashboards, we offered a customizable, secure, and user-friendly interface, enabling immediate fault identification, real-time quality predictions, and data-driven decision-making.

Enabling Real-Time Location Mapping of Users and Assets in Factory Premises

We empowered a leading manufacturer to effortlessly track high-resolution images, users, and assets across their premises in real-time, ensuring faster rendering, accurate tracking, and enhanced monitoring capabilities, all with user-friendly features.

Cloud Based Enterprise Application for KPI Management and Optimization of Aircraft Timing at Airports

Leveraging a cloud-based enterprise application that enabled centralized data integration, predictive analytics, and real-time insights, we empowered a US-based airport solution provider to optimize operations and enhance KPI management.

Real Time Monitoring of Remote Measuring Devices

Overcoming connectivity limitations, we empowered a Japan-based automation company to achieve real-time monitoring of measuring devices with an externally hosted web application.

Transforming Telemetry Data Ingestion with Azure

Utthunga transformed telemetry data ingestion for an IoT solution provider by consolidating infrastructure, enhancing efficiency, ensuring real-time availability and implementing robust disaster recovery.

Remote Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance of O&G Wells

Utthunga’s innovative machine learning solution unlocked accurate well health monitoring for a major oil and gas producer, transforming data challenges into optimized production, minimized downtime, and significant cost savings.