Real Time Monitoring of Remote Measuring Devices

Our client, a renowned Japan-based automation industry player, relied on legacy on-premise systems that obstructed real-time visibility and seamless interaction with their remote measurement devices. The existing setup’s dependency on physical IP addresses prevented external hosting and concurrent multi-device monitoring capabilities. Manual file transfers using external drives also slowed data retrieval and analysis. The client approached Utthunga to revolutionize their device monitoring processes to empower their digital transformation.

By tapping into Azure’s versatile capabilities, we built an end-to-end solution tailored to exceed the client’s needs. A gateway program pushes real-time data to Azure Message Broker, ensuring optimal data availability, durability, and performance. Using Azure App Services, we developed and hosted a web application to consume real-time data empowering authorized users to concurrently view and control multiple devices through simple touch/mouse actions. And by transferring files directly from devices to Azure Blob Storage, we accelerated data retrieval for analysis.

With Utthunga’s solution, the client gained real-time visibility, seamless multi-device interaction, and accelerated data flows. The Azure microservices architecture ensures unlimited scalability, future-proofing the solution as the business grows. It also consolidates fragmented on-premise tools into an integrated, cloud-powered platform for intelligent remote monitoring and maintenance of devices. The client can now optimize device management with accelerated data flows and actionable insights. By modernizing their outdated systems, we provided them with a flexible, cloud-based platform tailor-made for their future vision.