JavelinIIoT Platform

Javelin, is a true IIoT platform developed ground-up with the needs and requirements of the discrete/process industries in mind. A very robust and scalable platform, Javelin can connect field devices and other industrial assets to generate rich visualization and analytics. One size never fits all, and that is definitely true for the industrial community with varied types of industries, and passes, and regulations. Javelin enables comprehensive customizations to suit specific needs. Utthunga’s several years of domain knowledge enables it to partner with the end customers to plan for a deployment that ensures Rol.


Devices: Field devices, DCS, PLC, etc. are the source of actual field data. The ability to acquire data from these varied devices is the key and the most important first step. Javelin has integrated connectivity via specific communication protocols. Higher level protocols like OPC are also supported by Javelin. The connectivity could be TCP/Serial/Bluetooth, etc. An added advantage that Utthunga brings, based on years of work on field devices connectivity, is the ability to acquire data from dumb devices. Analog output form these devices can be converted to digital signals (via converters). Javelin offers connectivity to standard devices, dumb devices, as well as legacy devices (via custom driver development). So be it brownfield and greenfield installations, Javelin has a solution.


Javelin IIoT platform has in its bucket a host of connectivity hardware solutions: gateways, converters, embedded DAQ, etc. Be it the requirement to aggregate data from a host of networked field devices, or convert a protocol to another, or read analog data directly from sensors, Javelin ensure your field data is acquired and not left in the cold.


Javelin uses a rich set of web and mobile technologies to present the data in intelligent form. Data can be viewed from a standard web-browser on a PC, or on any mobile/tablet application. The raw data can be massaged (derived values, KPIs, etc.) in various ways before presentation. Standard reports and custom reports are possible. Utthunga engineers can create custom screens as required, or if the user wishes to do that himself, that’s possible as well.


What use is all the data if it cannot be converted into intelligent information? Javelin’s analytics engine reads streaming and historical data to provide predictive and prescriptive analytics. A set of core algorithms together with machine learning from the back bone of the analytics engine.


Integration means sharing the raw data or derived information/analytics with other software/hardware. Integration with other machines/devices enables the M2M communications. Integration with other systems enables the true interconnectivity. Together the true potential of IIoT is realized (this isn’t a trivial exercise and requires concerted efforts on all stakeholders right from operators to management). Integration is achieved by having a rich set of connectors (via APIs, communication protocols like MQTT, etc.) to external databases, enterprise systems, etc.


A platform is supposed to offer a set of functionality onto a single place/point to enable achieving an end. Javelin was pieced together with all the required components to offer a just that. The individual pieces to achieve the end goal, which could be view real-time production data, get alerts on an alarm, perform remote diagnostics, get hinted on when a particular motor might fail, view reports, etc., can be achieved via this single platform. End users need not separately bring together elements from different vendors (data acquisition, visualization, analytics, etc.), hence the time and effort to achieve the goal is significantly reduced.


The analytics engine is one of the most robust in the market, and surely standing away from all the crown and noise around analytics. The analytics isn’t built as a descendant to a BI engine, but with the nuances of the industrial processes in mind (the correlation between parameters, the effect of operating conditions, etc.). The predictive and the prescriptive insights of the engine have guaranteed RoI.


The user interface has been designed with the user in mind. A domain or technology expert need not necessarily configure or maintain the system. Given the ageing industrial workforce and the imminent threat of the loss of knowledgebase, the incoming operator or end-use might be a savvy computer user, but is likely to be an industry new-comer. The user interface is designed to be very contextual and easy to navigate. Further, the required support elements like connectivity software, edge devices, ability to create custom dashboards, configure the analytics engine, etc. that Javelin portfolio offers are a cohesive unit. All the various elements have been comprehensively tested to work in tandem like a well-oiled machine. The deployment efforts and headaches have been reduced as much as possible.


Utthunga is a thought leader when it comes to IIoT. The various products and elements forming the building blocks of an IIoT solution have been built at Utthunga when the term IIoT wasn’t even coined. The point is, there is a deep knowledge base to consult, train, and deploy an IIoT solution like Javelin. Right from the start, when the problem definition is shared with Utthunga, a core team comprising technical and field knowledge works to complete the deployment cycle. Post deployment as well, a dedicated technical support team is available to guide on any issues.