GSM Gateway Simulator simulates GSM Gateway and the GSM protocol version 1 message types for Mark IV, Mark V, Mark V LM, Mark VI, Turbine Controllers. The GSM Gateway Simulator creates a Virtual Plant Topology using the Network Topology defined by the GSM Gateway Configuration tool and simulates the Process Signals and Network Traffic as in the Distributed Network.

GSM Simulation Tool consists of two components, GSM Configuration Tool and GSM Simulation Tool. These components shall be building on top of Utthunga’s DPI Core components.

GSM Configuration Tool – UI Application

  • GSM Configuration Tool creates a virtual plant topology from the information in project configuration file depicting the Gateway and Controllers in a visual format
  • User shall choose and edit configuration details of each of the Gateway and Controllers for simulation by updating attributes of process points
  • The saved project configuration file is used as the startup configuration for the GSM Simulation Tool 

GSM Simulation Tool – UI Application Features

  • GSM Simulation Tool loads the project configuration file that was saved by GSM Configuration Tool, attach this configuration file to the GSM Simulation Service.
  • Acts as a monitoring tool for the Simulation service by providing user options to Start / Stop Simulation, showing process signal with values, message communication between DCS & gateway, Process signals.
  • Allow port configuration and Network work traffic configuration.
  • Showing errors, logs and communication trace messages to provide a better understanding of operations of GSM Simulation Service.
  • Simulated GSM Gateway maintains the list of simulated controllers and maintains individual threads to communicate with individual simulated controllers. It also uses a scheduler Manager module to schedule periodic data acquisition from the controllers via its process signals and forwards it to the registered DCS. On initializing, it starts top listener and stops it when stop simulation
  • Controller maintains the list of process signals defined in the GSM configuration Tool. Maintains a list of Alarm Data Messages, Digital Input Messages and Software Event Messages. Whenever there is a formal request from DCS to gateway for Alarm, Digital Input and Software Event Messages, the gateway forwards this request message to individual controllers to initiate these processes.
  • Process signal provides cycle information and get generated value for each cycle interval.
  • Gateway, Controller and process signal module provide the table structure and query information to DBModel so that Database table gets created.
  • GSM Simulation service acts a server and shall be waiting to accept a connection from the DCS system to establish communication with simulated Gateway and Controllers. Once the connection is successfully established, Protocol Simulation service shall start accepting GSM request messages from the DCS.
  • Supports the following messages
  • Administrative
  • Event-driven data
  • Periodic data
  • Command

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