uSimulate HART is an integrated system comprising of hardware and software that is capable of simulating HART devices. HART simulator replaces the field devices, allowing the manufacturers to expedite the developmental and testing phase. The simulator plays a vital role in the verification of HOST Systems such as DCS, AMS, calibrators, configurators, operator training, diagnostics as well as testing, analytical and advisory systems.




  • The simulator brings the possibility of simulating conditions that otherwise are near impossible or impractical with real devices
  • uSimulate HART potentially eliminates the capex required for building the infrastructure to create real world situations


  • uSimulate HART is used in applications for product engineering, system engineering, commissioning, support, training and product demonstrations
  • The application provides immense value to OEM, SI, R&D and educational institutions for use in various applications


uSimulate HART displays the following features to simulate the actual field conditions seen in the slave devices. It incorporates a simple and intuitive user access control for the web application to provide access to all of the simulator’s features.

  • Each slave device data can be configured for its variables and commands, using the web application
  • Can simulate slave devices having a combination of HART protocol revision 5, 6, 7. Simulates single or multiple HART slave devices simultaneously (depends on the configuration)
  • All Universal commands are supported as per HART specification
  • All channels are loop powered
  • Configuration of the commonly supported practice commands in slave devices is possible
  • Provides channel to channel isolation
  • Each channel can be configured as either analog input or analog output device
  • Four variables (PV, SV, QV, and TV) can be configured for each device
  • Variable data is simulated in various patterns (Linear, sinusoidal, constant, unit step, random) with applicable lower and upper limits
  • Alarm bits in command 48 can be configured
  • The web application generates and displays logs to monitor the data flow and to identify any error conditions during simulation

Technical Specifications

  • Number of Channels: 4, 8, 16
  • Per channel Configuration: Transmitter/Actuator (Input/Output)
  • Universal Commands: All
  • Practice Commands: Most Commonly Used Commands
  • Temperature Range: -20 to +85 (Celsius)
  • Power: 24VDC/2A
  • Mounting Style: Table Top/Din Mount

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