Regression Testing Services

Worried about quality? We provide world-class functional testing, performance testing & regression testing services for top-notch quality of any application.


Testing is critical to identify and evaluate whether the final software deliverable meets the originally laid out specification. Proper testing can also reduce the cost to build and maintain a product, which is why businesses consider application testing a key part of their quality assurance process. Utthunga has the right skills to help you ensure the quality of your application release cycles. Delivering applications with perfect design, smooth performance and functionality can be hassle-free with Utthunga. We are a leading application testing company offering automated functional testing services, UI/UX Testing and performance testing services for a variety of applications.

Why Application Testing is Required for Industries?

The release of an optimal, reliable and quality software product or solution is of critical importance for industries. The product has to fulfil business, technical, legal requirements and industry-specific standards. A proper application testing infrastructure and discipline ensure that these aspirations are met.

  • Application testing can identify errors, which were introduced during the product development phases
  • Quality products are delivered to the customers in optimal time, which helps in gaining their confidence and satisfaction of working with a reliable partner
  • Performance testing services are necessary in order to ensure precise and consistent results
  • Automated functional testing assures effective performance of software applications and reduce maintenance cost
  • Regression testing services ensures that the application does not result in failures after feature/software enhancements and bug fixes, because this can be quite expensive in the later stages of the development

Application Testing Services Provided By Utthunga?

Application testing in the Industry 4.0 ecosystem includes both systems/functional testing services and non-functional testing:

  • System/Functional testing: Verify and validate the functionality, interoperability, accessibility, security, firmware, hardware, scalability and design system aspects of the application
  • Non-Functional Testing: Our non-functional testing servicesfocus on the quality of the application, specifically the non-functional aspects like response time, scalability, security, performance, usability, etc. It ensures that the application meets the specified performance testing services requirements, making them more reliable and usable
  • UI/UX Testing: Presentation, accessibility, Color and Symbol Standards & Guidelines (WCAG 2.1, NAMUR NE107), Verbiage / Ontology verification
  • Tools and Technologies
    • Tools: Bamboo, Bitbucket, Jenkins, GitHub, Maven, SoapUI Pro, Postman
    • Automation Tools: (UI Based – Desktop \ Web \ Mobile) QTP, Selenium, JMeter, Perfecto, TestComplete and more
    • IDE’s: Visual Studio, Eclipse, Python

Why Utthunga for your Application Testing Requirements?

Over the past decade and a half, we have provided application, performance testing services, and automated functional testing services through our strong and huge team of experienced testing professionals. Our engagement models of on-site, onshore, and offshore resources ensure you have access to the right application testing services in the right place at the right price. Our customers leverage our wide spectrum of application testing services.

  • Generic and customizable platform for applications on functional testing services
  • Support of CI/CD activities
  • Data/Keyword driven framework
  • Generic framework to support multiple test tools, mobile and desktop applications
  • Robust reporting mechanism based on report templates of the tools
  • Test support for multiple version of AUT
  • Support for Data Driven Testing (DDT) and reusable functions

Our Strengths:

  • Deep domain knowledge: Undiluted focus on industrial systems, working relationship with various leading industry and standard making bodies for performance testing services
  • Offer secure test platforms and frameworks with labs infrastructure that enable efficient testing and automation of industrial applications from various vendors
  • Provide cost effective solutions for high productivity & low maintenance
  • Deliver higher ROI through automation
  • Industry Certifications support: HART Device Pre-Compliance, Ethernet/IP, OPC, FDT, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Interoperability and Pre-Compliance

Industry 4.0 has significantly changed the face of technology and application testing is playing a crucial role to bring your dreams to reality. All you need to do is to get the services of a good application testing company like Utthunga and you are all set to launch your product, which is competitive and meets industry 4.0 standards. Our highly experienced functional testing service professionals are ready to step in for your projects of any scale and complexity.

Consult our experienced team of application, automated functional testing, or regression testing services experts for your digital transformation and test automation requirements today!


1. What is the difference between Application testing and Functional testing?

Application testing is a procedure through which the usability, functionality as well as consistency of entire application is tested. Functional testing is a subset of application testing. While functional testing validates a software against its functional specifications and ensures that it performs all its stated functions as per users’ expectations, application testing on the other hand involves testing the system as a whole. It helps to enhance the quality of your applications while saving development time, reducing costs and maximizing ROI.

2. How Application Testing ensures better quality and development timeframes?

With automation expertise and reusable test cases, application testing ensures better quality and development timeframes.

3. Why functional testing is important?

Functional testing ensures that the product is aligned to its specifications and fulfils all customer’s requirements.

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