IEC-104 Device Simulator

Test and troubleshoot functionalities of IEC-104 devices virtually

IEC-104 Device Simulator

Test and troubleshoot functionalities of IEC-104 devices virtually

Power industries (generation, utilities, grid, etc.) are also in the midst of digital transformation. The digital controllers and substation components like measuring equipment, protection equipment, etc. need to have a seamless transmission of data without any room for confusion that may lead to unwanted faults.

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) in the year 2000 released a protocol that defines the standards of communication between the control system and the substation in an electrical power grid via a TCP/IP network. This ensures the interoperability between the control devices and the substation equipment for a smooth and error-free power system operation.

We at Utthunga have developed an IEC-104 device simulator, a protocol simulation tool that is capable of supporting 255 independent client nodes. The slave simulator can run on multiple platforms to test the compliance and performance of your IEC-104 masters

Why is the IEC-104 device simulator required for Industries?

IEC 104 communication protocol is a crucial aspect in the power grid networks where the process reliability is guaranteed by the speed and efficiency of how the devices share data and information between them. For efficient communication between electrical substation and control station, IEC 104 is one of the best and comprehensive communication protocol. However, to verify if your IEC-104 device complies with standard, in the luxury of your R&D lab, or your test lab, you must have an IEC 104 server simulator. These simulators help you pin point any errors and performance issues and also any standard compatibility issues.

In a sensitive environment like electrical utilities and substations where safety is of utmost importance, it is necessary to check your IEC 104 devices and communications through a simulator and correct them before any untoward circumstances arise.

IEC 104 Server (Slave) Simulator product provided by Utthunga

Product overview:

IEC 104 Server Simulator is a device (Slave) simulator tool, which can act as a virtual device on the IEC 104 network. Master (client) device and stack developers can use IEC 104 slave simulator tool to test the functionalities of their master and further troubleshooting. This tool ensures reliability as it was developed as per the specifications mentioned in IEC60870-5-101{ED2.1} standard document.


  • Supports up to 255 client nodes. Each client node works independently
  • Supports multiple master/client simulation
  • Supports multiple stations (same IP address) simulation within a single client
  • Support various type of TypeID, ASDU, APCI, APDU, command activation and termination commands
        • Support Cause of Transmission (COT), a parameter in control direction
        • Monitors raw data exchange and structures the raw data into an easily readable format
        • Supports communication-based on the client-server model in two modes.
          • On-demand transmission
          • Spontaneous transmission
        Input – Monitor directionTypeID
        single point information1
        single point information with time30
        double point information3
        double point information with time31
        step position information5
        step position information with time32
        bit string information7
        bit string information with time33
        measured value, normalized9
        measured value, normalized with time34
        measured value, scaled11
        measured value, scaled with time35
        measured value, short floating13
        measured value, short floating with time36
        integrated totals15
        integrated totals with time37
        packed single point20
        measured value,normalized without quality descriptor21
        event protection38
        event protection39
        event protection40
        Output – control directionTypeID
        single command45
        single command with time58
        double command46
        double command with time59
        regulating step command47
        regulating step command with time60
        normalized set point command48
        normalized set point command  with time61
        scaled set point command49
        scaled set point command  with time62
        floating command50
        floating command  with time63
        bitstring command51
        bitstring command  with time64

        Why choose the IEC-104 server simulator from Utthunga?

        Utthunga is one of the leading companies when it comes to protocol simulators. IEC-104 slave simulator is another feather in its basket. Our skilled simulator team has built this simulator, that has now been used by several OEMs and System Integrators globally. The IEC 104 device simulator server makes your IEC-104 master device testing very easy. If you are a stack company, you can do a thorough test of your stack using our simulator. Further, we are open to customizations and can build specific features (simulation types, device behavior, etc.) as per your needs. All in all, we will ensure the IEC-104 simulator meets your needs to a tee.

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