The IEC (International Electro Technical Commission) is a worldwide organization for standardization comprising all national electro technical committees (IEC National Committees). IEC 60870 standards for tele control (supervisory control and data acquisition) in electrical engineering and power system automation applications. Part 5 provides a communication profile for sending basic tele control messages between a central tele control station and tele control outstations.

IEC 60870-5-101 (1995) transmission protocols – Companion standards for basic tele control tasks.

IEC 60870-5-104 Protocol (AKA IEC 104) provides network access to IEC 101 standard. Simply it delivers IEC 101 messages as application data over TCP.

Product overview:

IEC 104 Server Simulator is a device (Slave) simulator tool, which can act as a virtual device on the IEC 104 network. Master (client) stack developers can use this tool to test the functionalities of their code and troubleshooting.

This tool ensures reliability as it was developed as per the specifications mentioned in IEC60870-5-101{ED2.1} standard document.


  • Supports adding up to 255 Client nodes in the simulator. Every client node will work independently.
  • Simple and user-friendly tool
  • Supports multiple master / client simulation
  • Supports multiple stations (same IP address) simulation with in a single client.
  • Support all type of TypeID, ASDU, APCI, APDU, command activation and termination commands
  • Support all cause of transmission (COT), parameter in control direction.
  • It can be used along with the existing TCP/IP Network for communication. No need for any additional configurations.
  • It monitors raw data exchange and stream lines the raw data in to a easily readable organized manner.
  • It supports communication based on client-server model in two modes.
  • On-demand transmission
  • Spontaneous transmission

    Supported Commands

    Input – Monitor direction TypeID
    single point information 1
    single point information with time 30
    double point information 3
    double point information with time 31
    step position information 5
    step position information with time 32
    bit string information 7
    bit string information with time 33
    measured value, normalized 9
    measured value, normalized with time 34
    measured value, scaled 11
    measured value, scaled with time 35
    measured value, short floating 13
    measured value, short floating with time 36
    integrated totals 15
    integrated totals with time 37
    packed single point 20
    measured value,normalized without quality descriptor 21
    event protection 38
    event protection 39
    event protection 40
    Output – control direction TypeID
    single command 45
    single command with time 58
    double command 46
    double command with time 59
    regulating step command 47
    regulating step command with time 60
    normalized set point command 48
    normalized set point command  with time 61
    scaled set point command 49
    scaled set point command  with time 62
    floating command 50
    floating command  with time 63
    bitstring command 51
    bitstring command  with time 64

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